Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men - First Class

Oh, how I love my Marvel movies!! They are just getting better and better!! :D

For some weird messed up reason, I wasn’t a big fan of X-Men in the past (I know, crazy!!)  But after I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I became a HUGE FAN!!! The way the special effects became way more evolved makes it so much better and way more believable!!

It’s so interesting to learn the history of characters you love and the story behind their actions. These prequel movies put all the puzzle pieces together and everything starts to make sense!! It’s very hard to develop a character because you need to be very specific in its history and this movie, for me, nailed it!!

It was such a fun movie! The way Professor X and Magneto met and how they went to find other mutants. It reminded me of Ocean 11 hehehe. I’m so happy Hugh Jackman appeared in a tiny scene! Made me smile :D <3 <3

The movie is one of the best X-Men movies, loved the special effects. It wasn’t too much for that era. It was pure fun sci-fi, but not over the top!

I thought James McAvoy was brilliant too!!!

I know I’m not my bubbly self in this review, and please reader don’t take it as a sign the movie wasn’t good. It was great, but my brain feels tired these days.

I’ll make sure the party in my brain starts up again :p and in the meanwhile, go watch X-MEN!!!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Movie Review: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

The story of Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine(Kate Winslet); two opposites characters who fall in and out of love and how they try to get rid of the heartbreaking memories by visiting a memory erasing clinic. It’s amazing to see how when they had to face the fact that they’ll never be together again they tried their best to run away from this process. Through that we dive into their worlds of memories and scene by scene we learn more about their relationship. And in the end we are touched by the last thought of the movie which is for me was, if you’re meant to be, you’ll always find a way to be together.

The movie starts with a beautiful scene of Joel just feeling fed up with his life and skipping work. We all have these moments, when we feel so empty that we just want to leave everything and just walk away and see where life takes us and hope to meet someone who will makes us feel less alone in this world; someone who will save us. Also the idea of being able to erase all your sad memory is very appealing. This kind of clinics will attract millions of people. I myself thought, I want that, but then as I watched the movie and heard Joel saying “Just let me keep this one.” I felt no, memories are meant to be kept or else we’ll be empty and lose our souls even if these memories were heartbreaking. Memories make us who we are and for that we should cherish them.

You cannot help, but feel related to the story, even though it has some fictional aspects. I mean this is what I loved about this movie, even though it took us inside of Joel’s head, (which is complete sci-fi thing) the scenes took us to the most realistic places like Joel’s childhood home or the beach. The whole story felt spontaneous and natural, especially the dialogue. I mean Clementine reminded me of myself. Michel Gondry (Director) is just a genius. The way he shot the scenes with sharp frames made this simple story really artistic. My favorite scene was when they were laying on the frozen lake. It was just mesmerizing.

And let’s not forget to talk about performances. This by far is my favorite Jim Carry movie. I never thought he could get out of his fake funny face, but here he was warm, sweet and funny. He was believable and the brilliant Kate Winslet was so comfortable in her own skin that she made me feel this is her true character and she’s been like this her entire life. It was such a perfect compensation.

It’s definitely going to be on my favorite list. It’s such an eternal movie. 

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

The movie wasn't as I expected. I thought it'll be super funny, but it was ok funny, but not LMAO kind of funny!! It felt also unusual to me. I dunno why I had that feeling but I did for some reason.
It's not a complete waste of time. It's warm, nice and cute. It did make me "hehe" in some scenes, but nothing more. I liked the ending and also the idea of the movie. It made me remember my friends.
This movie is what I call a "TV movie". If you were bored and it was aired, then watch it, other than that it's not worth it. The movie felt real in a bad movie way. I mean there are these movies that they are so authentic and real which is good, but this one was weird.
I didn't like the way it was made, I guess. I could be wrong dear reader. This could be the funniest movie ever made (though I doubt it), but it didn't do it for me.
I once heard someone compare it to the "Hangover" but that was a bad idea! To see this movie with a "Hang Over" mentality will only leads to disappointment. It's not at all the same and it should never be compared 'cause it's not fair and will get you confused.

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Movie Review: The Tourist

This is a very hard movie to review. I love it. I feel like there this word that can express my feeling to it, but I can't find it!! (Damn my week English!)
But the movie is so elegant and charming in a very exciting way!! It reminds me of old Hollywood!! The golden ages!!!
I mean you have the amazing, ravishing Angelina Jolie and the handsome super talented Johnny  Depp together in the same movie!! And not just any movie!!  A movie about falling in love in a train trip in Europe!! The movie is so hot in the most sophisticated way!!! Just to be in Venice and the scene that always makes my heart jumpy is when she opened the closet in the hotel room and find it full with classy clothes and jewelry. I want that to happen to me!! :p Angelina in this movie was such an elegant Lady!!
The thrill in the movie and the ROMANCE!! I mean I seriously believed he loved her and she loved him back!! I know movies are not real and they're just movies, but it's the beauty of the movie, the secret key to success is to make us believe deeply that this story had happened or could happen!!
"I don't regret it you know, kissing you." Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny <3 <3 <3.
The movie is so flirtatious, but in the same time the character of Elise (Angelina Jolie) makes us feel compassion to her story.  The music with the piano and the violin … It's just breath taking!!
It seriously made me want to just get on a train and let life take me wherever. Though I doubt it'll be this adventurous :p!
The plot of the movie is so thrilling, mysterious, clever and really fun! I will always miss this movie and will never hesitate to see it over and over again!!
And never forget, dear reader … "He's a Tourist"

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Movie Review: Immortals

I haven't gone to a movie theater for over a month and that dear reader is very very veeeery hard for me!! Today though I went and saw Immortals!! Such a perfect movie to get back on the cinema scenes!!
It's all about Greek Mythology. You have Zues and the Gods, Temples, the Oracle and awesome magical weapons!! You know me reader, I melt on the idea of magic and history put together!!!! <3 <3
The cinematography in this movie is amaaazing!! The shades of gold and gray in the scenes are breath taken. You can't but be drawn to this world of Gods, Humans and Titans!!  
It's a movie that pumps up the adrenalin up into your heart and makes it beat with pure excitement!! The battle scenes were to die for!! Whenever The Gods descended, it was magnificent!! It was with slow motion, but I never seen anything more powerful!!! Even Theseus (the cute, Henry Cavill) was amazingly brutal!!!
There were some slow moments, but it was super fun, overwhelming and MIND BLOWING!!! The last scenes were "oh!my!god!"
The director, Tarsem Singh is a genius!!!!   I saw another movie of his, "The Fall" years ago. I need to review it soon!
But back to Greece <3!! I dunno why, but myths and magic always attract  us and this movie is a huuuuuge attraction!!! I seriously felt the need to have a sword in my hand when Theseus spoke to motivate and unite people!! The sound of shields turning to war drums was electrifying!!!!
The movie made me happy!! And always, dear reader remember to,

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: I am Number Four

Every year if you had noticed, dear reader we have one sci-fi/fantasy movie that is just pure entertainment. We had movies like "The Covenant", "Jumper" "Push" and many more.

"I am Number Four" for me is one of the best made!!! The idea is so fun and exciting!! About a cute alien (Alex Pettyfer) who lives in Earth (See Spielberg, cute aliens are good too :p). The movie is so sweet and it always gets my heart tingle!!! I have the DVD and saw it so many times already!!!

It has romance, super powers, cute couples, villains and some amaaazing fight scenes! It's a really 'feel good' kind of a movie!!!

The way it was filmed was so good. I saw it this time in HD and the colors were stunning!! Especially the fight scenes where you find the clashing of blue and red flames. It was pure visual powers!!! The way they moved and fought, you can tell, it's not HUMAN!!! It was wicked!! Ooh and when John (The main character) received his "Legacy" it was thrilling!!

What I also liked about the movie is the story of this guy who just wants to settle down and have a normal life (though I never got that cliché. I mean, hello!! You have super power!!) Anyhow, but John never said it, but you can see it in his attitude and the cutest scene when he saw where Sarah (Dianna Agron) lived. His eyes sparkled like a little child. He wanted that beautiful simple house with the cheezy kind parents. It's hard to not only change location but also names and personal history. I always get attached to movies that have genuine stories like this one.

I loved, LOVED Henry (Timothy Olyphant) in the movie. He's a true warrior <3 <3.  My favorite line was when he told John: "We don't love like humans, we love forever. We never forget". Oh, My, God!! Call me mooshy, but I can't help fell in love with this character since you seriously rarely can find like him in this planet. I'm thinking of moving to another galaxy :p seriously *sigh*.

I really wish there's a sequal!! And better yet, I wish I was a number!!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Movie Review: Inception

This is one of the hardest movies to comprehend, yet the most interesting!!
Dreams are the most intriguing and mysterious subject in this world. For me dreams were always the land where anything can happen. To be able to control dreams will be the most extraordinary thing!! But as you watch this movie and see how people can get lost in their dreams and then lost in limbo, you can understand the need for separating dreams from reality.
The movie is creative beyond believe!! It's so smart, it made me think all day to try and understand the concept. A dream within a dream within a dream. If one line was said in a vaguer manner or a scene was set in a different way, the whole movie won't be BRILLIANT!!
The way we moved from one layer of the dream to the next is just amazing!! So thrilling!! It's exciting to see how every lair is link to the other and GOD!! The set is GENIUS!! How the gravity changed and the fight scene as it happened!! AWESOME!!
I really enjoyed the performance of the cast!! You feel like they've been penetrating dreams all their lives!! Leo <3 my all-time favorite!!!! (See Blood Diamond, Catch Me if You Can and Shutter Islands … he's brilliant!! I caaaan't wait for his new movie!) he has this intense look in his eyes that make u believe his suffering and deep darkness.  
The idea of Inception is kinda scary and confusing!! To have the chance to get your mind manipulated like this and not fully aware of it is spooky!! To always have your doubts of what is real and what is a dream.
The movie gives you this dreary feeling, but you can't take your eyes away. You want to know the answer of what is real!!
For me reality and dreams are two complete different worlds, they exists and both are true.
This movie is one of the few I like to see more than once! But if you hate too dramatic, complicated films, this might not be your type ;p, but it's always fun to experience new things :D!

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Movie Review: The King's Speech

I can honestly say, I love this movie!! I know the story is amazing and very gripping. King George the VI heartwarming story with his speaking problem. But the setting and the cinematography of this movie is UNBELIEVABLE. Every time I pause the movie I feel like I'm staring at a pure artistic painting. It's amazing!!!
The movie is so so beautiful. It felt authentic with all the costumes and sitting were captivating!! The shooting angles as well were very artistic, witty and very creative!! The music is soo enchanting as well!! The movie truly is a master piece.
The story of this movie is deep and enchanting. It's full with heart and soul and it moves your emotion as the movie doesn't show you the glamorous style of royalty life, but the human and emotional side. It makes us feel closer and more attached to the movie as it show us how we all have problems in our lives and no one has pure perfect life.  
You cannot but feel the strong relationship between the King and Lionel Logue.  
I love Colin Firth acting, but in this movie particularly he just blew me away! You can feel his frustration when the words won't come out. The war speech was sooooo just… oh God, I can't express it!!
I was also surprised by Helena Bonham Carter. She wasn't in her normal crazy character (not that I hate it, I think she's brilliant!) But she was so sweet and loving.
The movie is simple, yet so mesmerizing. It will give you gosepumps. RECOMMENDED!!!  
"I have a Voice."

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

James Cromwell qoute EXCLUSIVELY for Kemzmovies!!!

Throughout the past couple of days, I kept seeing James Cromwell walking around Katara and enjoying his time in the festival. Everytime I see him I feel happy, because he looks very interested in Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) and in Qatar. He is very humble and was nice to everyone!!
I'm very honored that he came to DTFF!!!
Yesterday I was in the "Harrar Harrar" opening and got the time to talk to him. I told him I needed a line exclusively for my blog and he said,
"Dare to be an Artist"
A short line with huge meaning!! He encourage everyone to become artists and use their talents and express themselves.
I'm really really happy and honored to have the chance to talk to him!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So!!! The first day of Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) yesterday was so so so exciting!!! I meet so many celebs from GCC and the World!!!

The best part and what really made my day, was that I talked to MARK STRONG!!!

If you don't know who Mark Strong is (you're crazy!!) he was Lord Blackwood in the first Sherlock Holmes with Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. He also was Godfrey in my favorite film Robin Hood!!!!

He also stars in Black Gold and he was here for the World Premier in DTFF!! He was so NICE!!!!

I waved at him and told him if he can give me an exclusive quote for my BLOG!!!

He said: "I never been to the middle east before in my life and I feel incredibly honored that the first country I ever visited is Qatar. And it's amazing to be here with a movie that says such beautiful things about the Arabic people and I think it's an important film. Also the aspiration of the film meets the aspiration of Qatar. It's a real honor to be here."

BIG THANKS to Mark Strong!!!!

I was soo happy and I'm still happy because I got this amazing AMAZING opportunity that could not happen to me without Doha Tribeca Film Festival!!!

this is Mark!!! The black line on the side is my shoulder :p hahaha!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DTFF 2011 - 5 DAYS TO GO!!!

yesterday I had the chance to go walkabout the festival new area!! Katara Open Air Theater (KOAT) is AMAZING!!

IT's so wonderful to be part of this amazing event!! Something I never dreamed it will happen to *ME*!!

I'm so EXCITED!! You should go and buy tickets for all the amazing movies we have for you this year. Espacially the Arab SHORTS!!! They are so funny and amazing and made in the most artistic way!!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie Review: Real Steal

I was waiting for this movie since forever!!! I am so happy I got the chance to go and see it!!! It’s AMAZING!!! A M A Z I NG!!!!!

The story of boxing robots!! How cool is that!! I was punching invisible robots throughout the fights!! Haha!!

I loved how you can feel the heart and soul of this movie!! I cried in more than one scene! It’s so cool!

So *calm down* the story is about a boxing champion, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) whose career was killed by the boxing industry moving to Robots! As he tries to buy a robot to compete with, his son, Max (Dakota Goyo) comes into the picture. Both of them spend the summer together and go through a mind blowing experience!!

Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors, not only ‘cause he is super super cute, but also because you can feel the emotions his character feel. He’s brilliant!!  The kid,OMG!! He is so gifted!! He’s so funny and really fit his character (even though he was weak in some scenes, but for his age, he was GREAT!!)

I also was blown by the special effects used in this movie. It was more believable than I thought it would be. The fighting scenes were so real. There was couple of scenes as well, which were so beautiful. You normally don’t see this kind of artistic quality in an action movie. What I also loved was how they incorporated futuristic technology with traditional ways. It didn’t ruin the concept nor did it look faked.

The directing was genius!! Shawn Levy did a great job!! All the elements of this movie worked together and it didn’t lose our attention.

I love this movie, I’m so gonna buy the DVD. The movie is action packed and so exciting!! I clapped, yelled and punched the air hahaha!! It’s one of this movies that make you live the story with all your senses!!

I recommend this movie to all types of people!!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


So! This year I will be attending and working in my first ever FILM FESTIVAL!! DTFF!!!

Doha Tribeca Film Festival will star in the 25th of October (15 days from now) and I am so so so soooooooo EXCITED!!

It's so awesome! They have  great films this year and I feel like I'm gonna have a blast!!! (if I didn't die from excitment :p)

So For you my dearest readers! I took a pic of the Katara Open Air Theater (KOAT). they're still building it so it gives you the feeling of 'getting ready' hehehehe.

hopefully during the festival I'll post some cool exclusive stuff!!

for more info on the festival: click here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movie Review: The Social Network

The social network is a film about the creation of Facebook and how the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook handled the controversy it came with it.

The movie starts with the reason Mark (Jesse Eisenberg) wanted to be famous and to create something that will make him likable; his girlfriend left him. So, in his sad and drunk hours Mark created a website called "Facematch" which hit 22,000 visits and crashed Harvard Universities network within hours.  
The website got him in serious trouble, but in the same time, it opened the doors for Facebook to be born. Three students in Harvard sought Mark to help them create an exclusive social network site, but Mark is not convinced by their idea and start working on his own site "The Facebook" and here we are hit by the first question: Did Mark Zuckerberg steal those student's ideas?
To launch "The facebook" Mark needed funding and for that he turned to his friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) who is the co-founder of Facebook. Together they took the college social experience and planted it in the virtual world of Facebook.
As the website expanded they struggled to collect the funding it needed to keep the web site running and for in that point the brilliant but very wild Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake)came into the picture and started a dispute between Mark and Eduardo. A dispute that broke their friendship and led them to face each other in court.
The movie hocks you from the first scene with the genius mind set of Mark Zuckerberg. Jesse Eisenberg language, movement and the look in his eyes make you believe that this man is the founder of Facebook. Jesse's performance is remarkable in this film. I felt like he was Mark Zuckerberg more than the real Mark Zuckerberg himself. It was flawless!
The movie was smart, sharp and thrilling. You don't understand half of their conversations, but you want to know more. It also leaves you with many unanswered questions: Who's wrong? Is Mark Zuckerberg a bad guy or a good one?  Was Facebook a stolen idea? Did Mark backstabbed his best friend?
It's no wonder "The Social Network" won 3 Oscars and was nominated for additional 5. The movie was a piece of art. The script itself is mind blowing. How every word was written to serve a purpose and in the same time grab the attention of the viewer. Aaron Sorkin genius work deserves more.  

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Review: The Three Musketeers

OMG!! I had like 3 dreams last night of awesome exciting fight scenes then I woke up and went to see the new Three Musketeers movie!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!! (It turned kinda bad when I couldn't find any decent shoes in my size but that's for another blog!)
So, so, so, so !!! Where to start!! It was so exciting and had amazing new twist in it!!! The fight scenes, oh GOD!!!! It was ART!!!! I was so blown away!!!
It was like Pirates of the Caribbean kind of awesomeness!!!
*deep breath* I'll focus and explain everything. The story is a story we grow up hearing about. The Three Musketeers are like super heroes from the old ages to us! I mean who hasn't heard of "all for one and one for all"!!! We all dreamed that we were one of them one day and if you didn't, reader after seeing this version of the story you will!!
Couple of years ago I read "The Man in the Iron Mask" and discovered it was book 3 from the Musketeers series. Everyone were so old hehehe. But reading that book made me feel more attached to them!
This movie however made me fell in love with the Musketeers' life!! The way the movie was filmed was beautiful!! It was BRILLIANT!! They created a gorgeous old Paris <3. It was so pretty!! I loved also how bright, shiny and cute everything looked like!! They made me feel like it was just another normal sunny day in Paris!
I loved, loved how they dressed. It was made in a very very professional style. It was amazing! You can see all the details and the colors were so clear!! I bet they're gonna nominate the film for the Oscars because of this.
I also loved how they recreated and tweaked the story and made it bigger, bolder and AWESOMER!!! You seriously have to go see the film to understand my ongoing gibberish!! I don't want to spoil it for you!
I didn't see the trailer or any of the movie's picture and thought it will be lame. I so love it when I get taken by surprise like this!! I really recommend not watching trailers anymore and just take the risk in seeing a movie and you'll find something as awesome as this and you'll be all smily :D!!
Ok, let start talking about the hot Musketeers and their even hotter enemy (Lord Buckingham not the Cardinal :p) D'Artagnan he's so cute, wanting to just go fight and foolishly brave. Logan Lerman was so natural in his acting that you actually admired D'Artagnan foolishness hehehehe.  Then you have the Three original Musketeers, Porthos, Athos and Aramis ooooh, they are so cute!! All Of them, they're fighting scenes were so WICKED, I was like :O!! And let's not talk about Orlando Bloom, oh, oh, oh, he was sooooo GOOD!!!! I love his evilness!!!! Normally, he is the brave good kind of a character, but in this movie, he nailed the anti-hero role!!
It was brilliant, funny, exciting, enjoyable and so much more!! I haven't seen a movie like this for some time now and I'm so happy. I'm high on my happiness haha!!
I am so going to buy the DVD!!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

So, you read this title and you say hmmmm interesting! This gonna be fun!! And add Steven Spielberg as the producer hmmm Awesome??

No!! Do not be fooled by the coolness and awesomness of this concept!! The movie is so lame I was about to leave the theater!! And believe me, I see everything so it means, the movie is LAME!!!

The movie was slow and predictive and super boring!! I mean come on!!! The idea is amazing! I mean who thought that cowboys fought Aliens!! Why do you have to ruin it!! I myself doubted the film but thought, have some faith girl! It could be great!! But I should’ve listened to the sound in my head!! The critic voice and go to another movie!!

I really didn’t like a lot of things in the movie, even though it had some good prospect!! *sigh*

What I hated the most was Abigail Spencer :/ OMG!! The lameness of her acting!! I was happy she died!! Don’t worry, I think it’s better that I spoil it for you than you go and actually see it!! Ah!! Also the awesome <3 Daniel Craig wasn’t that good as well *weep*. He looked sad old, not sexy old like George Clooney!!

Anyhowz it was boring and lame and I’m disappointed! And I say to you, dear reader, don’t waste your time by seeing it!!

Oh!! One question before I leave you! Why do Aliens always look ugly and monstrous? (especially in Spielberg films!!) I mean if they had super intelligence shouldn’t they have super cuteness??

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Movie Review: Final Destination 5

This is one of my favorite horror movies. I'm not a horror kind of girl, but I like this series! I like it because even though we know that all of them are gonna die, we still feel the thrill and anticipation of each death! I mean I kept squealing whenever one of them is about to die and still it happen in a way I could never expected!!!
It was so thrilling!! In the end there were couple of plot twists that I really enjoyed and never saw in the previous movies! The death scenes were so scary! I mean they die because of simple everyday gadgets that we never think they can harm us! It's super freaky :p makes you feel paranoid for a while hehehehe!
The movie was short, only 90 minutes or so, but very enjoyable!! Some deaths were seriously grouse!! I saw the movie in IMAX 3D! It was AWESOME!!!! I have a headache now, but it's so worth it hehehehe! Never watch 3D unless it was in an IMAX!!
This kind of movies you have to watch in theater, because without the big screen and the sound system it just lose its edginess!! I hope there's a 6th part!
And remember *spooky voice* You Can't Cheat Death!!!  

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movie Review: Fight Club

The first rule of fight Club is: "Never talk about fight club!" but since I'm not a member :p I'll talk about it haha! Ok, sorry, had to get it out of my system. Now, Fight Club is classic. I mean everyone know the term "Fight Club". Most of the people though haven't seen the movie and they should!
The movie is about the hole people feel when they have no sense of purpose and how easily they can be persuaded to do anything as long as it gives them a sense of belonging. And the movie showed that in a twisted, very very dark sick way!
I wasn't attracted to the movie because of the fighting and bloody scenes, no. I love it because it brilliantly conveyed the message of how people can be mentally disturbed and emotionally twisted in this life. And I loved the fact how it gave itself a reason for that, how people became slaves to what they own and I believe it's true in that era, the lost 90s.  I always thought the 90s had no purpose to it!
Edward Norton was brilliant in this role! His voice narrating his movement just added to the intensity of the movie! And Brad Pitt is SICK genius!! Helena Bonham Carter on the other hand is expected to choose these kind of movie, but still she's super talented!!
It's just mind blowing weird kind of movie. I don't know how to explain it. The script is brilliant, the directing is brilliant, the performance, the filming,, everything is just GREAT!!
The ending is unexpected to those who see the movie for the first time and if you see it for the thousand time, like moi :p it's just pure suspense!!!
There's so many things I wanna say about this movie and the plot, but I don't wanna spoil it!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

This movie is the type of movies that you're glad you saw, but you don't feel like seeing it again! Do you understand dear reader? I mean it has really good elements, talented cast, and creative funny story, but it was good, not great!
Don't get me wrong, reader, I don't regret seeing it, which can tell you it's good, but there was something off in the film. I guess I thought it will make me cry from laughter. Although there was this guy in the theater who couldn't stop laughing :p so I guess the movie effect some. For me the movie was more of a Romance than Comedy.
I like Steve Carell, wait no, I love him! I mean he is super funny! But he didn't pull out his comedian magic in this movie which was disappointing. Weirdly though, I liked Julian Moore in this film. I rarely see her in a nice role, she was really good.  The cutest scene in the film was when *spoil alert* Ryan Gosling (the guy in the Notebook) fell in love with Emma Stone. It was so fun and cute. In this movie I liked the fact that it touched me, I got to feel what they felt. It was nice. And Ryan in a scene he was eating this pizza that looked so ymmy hehehe (I was hungry and now I made myself hungry ><)
The climax of the movie was the funniest scene in the entire film. It was hilarious hehehehe. I won't tell you what happened :p.
Like I said it had more romance than Comedy and I loved how the Romance was real and solid. It managed to carry the movie and made me not regret seeing it.
You know it's really hard to judge a comedy movie after seeing the Hangover :p 1&2 hehehehehe.
So, if you want something fun and sweet this movie is for you, but if you got bored easily, read my other reviews for other suggestions ;p

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Review: How do you Know?

This movie is one of the lamest chick flicks I ever so. *sigh* It is called "How Do You Know?" fyi.
It was so lame and boring that I wish I can return the DVD. Seriously!!
I haven't laughed once! I didn't feel happy or smily when the romancy scenes played. It was just completely horrible! ah!
I love the cast, I mean they are all great actors, but it didn't work out! Even their performances were intolerable. The cute Owen Wilson wasn't funny, I mean he was sweet, I liked him, but still it wasn't enough.
The plot as well was boring and very predictable *sigh* It was so hard to finish it and see it till the end. If someone else (who isn't a movie obsessed like me :p) watched this movie they'll turn it off after 10 minutes!!
I mean the film has emotions, but you can't feel it. It doesn't touch you in a special way.  Watching this movie was a waste of my time!
I need something to wow me and I couldn't find it in this movie :s!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian

I really enjoyed this movie!! It's full with sword fights, witchcrafts and ancient legends. Fuuuuuun.  Jason Momoa is so so so so so so so cute!!! He has a true Barbarian voice (in a cool way)!!
As always I enter the movie theater filled with doubts about the movie, but when it started it was so good!! The young Conan is wow!! I mean where did they find that kid!! I also liked Rose McGowan she always choose the weirdest roles!
The fight scenes and sword moves are one of the best I ever seen!! I mean pure martial arts!! And I mean ART!!! It gives you the chills!! It makes you all excited and you feel like you wanna hold a sword hehehehehe.
I know I get excited about a lot of movies, but this one is fun and is made in a really good artistic way. It's only 100 minutes long, but I liked how the pace was good and wasn't forced to us. The story moved in a perfect pace.
The scenery and the way people dressed moved and talk make you believe they lived in that time. It felt so authentic!! It was really exciting!!! I love how new technology makes movie makers create new worlds, amazing new worlds in their movies.
The movie for me resembled the movie The Prince of Persia (which I will review soon, I love it!) but more intense, had less humor and way bloodier!!
It's a one bloody exciting movie!!! :D
Note: The movie is slightly bloody, so if you don't like blood or beheaded people, this is not a movie for you.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review: Arthur

One of the sweetest most charming movie of this year!!!
The story of the classic Arthur (I haven't seen the old version, I'm intrigued, wanna see it) the spoiled rich man who face the choice between Money or Love.
Russell Brand is BRILLIANT!! I mean I can't think of anyone else to play this rule!! I remember seeing this actor in small roles here and there in different movies and I never saw how big his future will turn out to be. He's super super funny!!!
Helen Mirren is so sweet in this film. I love her, she's amazing.
The whole movie is really good. It made me smile, laugh, giggle hehehee and tear up a little bit. Yes, it's a kinda of a cliché story but it's so funny and dreamy like a modern Fairytale. It has some super cool scenes. I mean if you were that RICH, won't you buy the Batmobile hehehehe if you said no, you're just fooling yourself hehehehe.
What else to say about this movie, hmm I just liked how sincere it felt to me. I know these things never happen in real life, but when you see that glimmering eyes that filled with love (Russell weird as he is, he's really good hehehe) you can't help but feel happy and hopeful. It's also amusing to see all those rich craziness scenes hehehehe.  I loved it when he clsed Central Park for Naomi (Greta Gerwig).
I want someone like that *sigh* not rich I mean, that's too much to ask hehehe but someone who will do something special, just foe me <3  

~ Can't Buy You with Money!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie Review: The Smurfs

This movie is just SMURFTASTIC!! :D The smurfs were so so cute!! I want them to visit my mushroom too! This movie is just so awesome. I mean I grew up watching the smurfs!! They were my childhood!!
If you don't know the smurfs, they are the cutest little blue creatures that just smurf your heart up!! They live in a magical forest inside mushroom houses!! They have Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Gutsy, Brainy, Clumsy (the cutest!), Grouchy and many more Smurfs and what Ilove about this movie that they showed all of them :D!!! When I heard their famous song, la la lllaa laa laa, (I can't write it :p) it made me happy and jumpy hehehehe.
I love how they reintroduced the Smurfs to the young generations who missed the chance of loving those little blue people! They're cute, cool, fun and purely good!
The movie has a lot of action as well! It's not just a children movie!! Everyone will love to see it!! To remind us of our childhood and all the fun memories we had with the Smurfs!
The Smurfs village was beautifully made!! The mushrooms, the roads, everything was perfect and looked so real!!! I really want to visit them and I'm so happy to hear that there's a Smurfs 2!!!  
Neil Patrick Harris was perfect for this movie and Jayma Mays as well!! Jayma was so sweet in this movie and Neil is always fun!!  
It was so smurfy!!! I smurf it!!! :D

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Movie Review: Captain America

I'm dying to see the Avengers movie next year and because of that I loved Captain America before seeing the movie. I'm so happy that seeing the movie (finally!!) didn't disappoint me!! I am more excited now to see the avengers than before!
First of all this is the first time I hear of a superhero called Captain America (I didn't even heard of Thor or Green lantern before as well … kinda sad, eh?) But I loved how they events all occurred in the 40s (WW2)!! That meant different style, makeup, wardrobe and even cities were different. The whole movie had this grayish-brownish kind of mood that makes you say, cooool!! I like the way they kept to the WW2 mood, it wasn't too cheerful or funny because people in those days were in bad times.
 I even enjoyed how the movie was filmed; I mean people shined in it. It has this kind of black and white glow making us drawn to that era. I'm not an expert as you know, so I don't know the right terminology for that way of filming, but it was beautiful how the whole movie was presented to us.  
The characters of the movie were amazing as well! I mean they showed us Howard Stark (Iron Man's father)!! And his Expo in the 40s!! It was so fun!! It made the whole movies connect to each other!! oops, should I say spoil alert? I mean you can find that out by reading Captain America's page in IMDB :p.  Anyhowz hehehe I also loved how they made Chris Evans short and skinny!! The scene when they turned him to Captain America, it was so intense and frightening! I mean you know the experiment will work or the movie will have no point to it, but still it keeps you on edge!! Cool special effects! Chris was really good at his part too, great choice! (My favorite Avenger is still Thor though <3) I loved how the villain, the Red Skull was Hugo Weaving I loved him in the Matrix. The rest of the cast were really good as well. I like it when a movie is full with professional performance!! 
What is different and fun about this movie is that unlike so many movies were they leave all the action till the end, in this movie we have fighting scenes from the beginning till the end. And those scenes were amazingly made, it wasn't too much! As you watch the movie as well you got to admire the weapons and the technology the characters had in those days. It makes you think, hmm this is not true, but still wonder what if in those days there was some secret organization like we saw in the movie. It was fun to see how they modernized the old technology. My favorite weapon was Captain America's shield and the way he fights with it. He is a true superhero.
So all of you sci-fi lovers, if you haven't seen this movie already, Shame on you!! And if you are someone who are looking for a fun exciting action movie, this is a must see ;).

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Review: Peter Pan

Today I felt like I needed something to remind me of the magic within me. Something to make me remember the way back to dreamland. I thought a movie might do that and what best kind of magical movies but the kind made by Disney. Even though Disney has its faults, it introduced us to a whole new magical world. For instance, Peter Pan for me is one of the best classics that talks about magic and legends.
When I played the DVD, it reminded me of my own childhood and how I wished Peter Pan visit me and make me fly to Neverland. The music made my heart tingle and the movie carries so much emotion with it. I mean it could be because I link it to my childhood and my own imagination, but I mean it's PETER PAN!! It's a story that'll always love and will make my children and grandchildren watch. It's 77 minutes of pure magic!! You have Pirates, Fairies, Flying boy, Mermaids, Red Indians and the Lost boys hehehe.
As you watch the movie you can't help but feel like you want to hug Michael (the little boy) he is so so cute!! And I really admire Windy and how she stand up for stories and her believe of Peter Pan. The movie has many classical scenes!! (my favorite is when they learn to fly and when they meet the mermaids!) The song "You can fly" is wonderful! All you need is a happy thought and a little bit of pixy dust ;). And to be honest who doesn't remember Captain Hock whenever we say Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock hehehe. Also the scene where the ship flew them back to London is so beautiful!!
The movie made me smile … If you haven't seen Peter Pan yet, you're seriously missing out a big part of your childhood <3
In the end we love this movie, because we all have our own Neverland . . .

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Review: Mr. Popper's Penguins

A story of a city guy who inherits penguins and change his life from selfishness to emm goodness. This is not a spoiler. If you can't predict the ending of this story, you have never seen a movie before! It's a story we've seen a thousand times. I can count on the top of my head almost 5 movies I've seen with the same plot. Same old same old. It's also a classis book, I believe, so if you read it, you don't need spoilers :p.
Jim Carry, *sigh* he's becoming worse, me think. I dunno, but his sense of humor looks fake to me even though I know this is his style. It's just not working anymore. I used to like it, I still love "Yes Man", but this one was too childish for me I guess.
It's a sweet movie for kids. If you have couple of those, take them for this movie. It has some good laughs and the penguins are so so cute. They outshined Mr. Carry. A good movie for family night too, so you can wait till you'll be able to rent it. You're not missing much.
Over and out ;)
P. S: Capitan America wasn't released here this week and it won't be next week!! Even the Smurf will be late here to us :'(!!! I can't believe this!! It's not good for blog business, but they are on my watchlist and it should be on yours as well!! I'm dying internally from this!!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movie Review: Notorious

These days I'm in the mood for some classics. I can't help being drawn to them. They have this charming allure about them that steal your heart away.
One of them, which I shall call it from now own a "favorite", a movie by the amazing, Alfred Hitchcock, Notorious. OMG, it felt like something filmed in these days not made over than 70 years ago.
It's so thrill, so intense and so very artistic!! The story of the daughter of a German spy, (Ingrid Bergman) who will be asked by an American agent (Cary Grant) to become an informant. You know, spy movies and their plots. This movie however was fascinating! Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman were astonishing! I loved the romance, the emotions in this film and I was so tensed up, wanting to know what'll happen next!
This is the first time I watched a Hitchcock movie and believe me when I say he's a genius! Absolutely brilliant!! I loved this movie and I'm the girl who lived to see Avatar!! I'm not saying everyone is blue in the movie, quite the contrary; it's in black and white. What I mean is it's just timeless!! The dialogue, the directing, the acting, the sceneries are just perfect!!
It's like admiring a Roman sculpture; it still capture our minds and souls even though it's been around for many many years!! 

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Review: Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

The mazing classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds is one of my favorite classical movies. I saw it four times already and I’m sure I’ll watch it more. IT’s funny, charming and full with music! You can never forget this movie when you see it.
It’s so fun and totally enjoyable. Classics always have their own captivating charm, but this one is surely one of the best! IT’s seriously timeless!! I loved Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, they had an awesome chemistry and they made a great cast. The movie is romantic, hilarious, thrilling and much much more!!
It host the hit song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Lorelei Lee must be the most successful gold digger in the history, haha!!
Really fun movie and should be on your classical list ;)

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Movie Review: Just Go With It

Not a lot of Romance Comedy movies catch my eyes, but when I see Adam Sandler I have to take a look. The movie, Just go with it is hilarious!! I mean was, LOL!!
The idea is kinda cool too; Adam playing the role of a man who lies to women by saying he's married, then just get lost in his web of lies. We all know the ending,  I mean we rarely ever get surprised by these kind of movie, but here the comedy really saves the romance. Adam Sandler is a really funny dude! He does have some bad movies, but this one is a hit.
Normally I hate the way Jinnifer Aniston acts, but she was good in this movie; relaxed and funny! She got her Friends' sense of humor back, thank God. She had some bad movies, ah!
You will LAUGH!! I guarantee it ;) it's the kind of movies you see whenever you're feeling low. It will cheer you up!!!
P.S: sorry for the short post…still recovering from the ending of Harry Potter </3

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