Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Review: Immortals

I haven't gone to a movie theater for over a month and that dear reader is very very veeeery hard for me!! Today though I went and saw Immortals!! Such a perfect movie to get back on the cinema scenes!!
It's all about Greek Mythology. You have Zues and the Gods, Temples, the Oracle and awesome magical weapons!! You know me reader, I melt on the idea of magic and history put together!!!! <3 <3
The cinematography in this movie is amaaazing!! The shades of gold and gray in the scenes are breath taken. You can't but be drawn to this world of Gods, Humans and Titans!!  
It's a movie that pumps up the adrenalin up into your heart and makes it beat with pure excitement!! The battle scenes were to die for!! Whenever The Gods descended, it was magnificent!! It was with slow motion, but I never seen anything more powerful!!! Even Theseus (the cute, Henry Cavill) was amazingly brutal!!!
There were some slow moments, but it was super fun, overwhelming and MIND BLOWING!!! The last scenes were "oh!my!god!"
The director, Tarsem Singh is a genius!!!!   I saw another movie of his, "The Fall" years ago. I need to review it soon!
But back to Greece <3!! I dunno why, but myths and magic always attract  us and this movie is a huuuuuge attraction!!! I seriously felt the need to have a sword in my hand when Theseus spoke to motivate and unite people!! The sound of shields turning to war drums was electrifying!!!!
The movie made me happy!! And always, dear reader remember to,

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