Friday, November 11, 2011

Movie Review: The King's Speech

I can honestly say, I love this movie!! I know the story is amazing and very gripping. King George the VI heartwarming story with his speaking problem. But the setting and the cinematography of this movie is UNBELIEVABLE. Every time I pause the movie I feel like I'm staring at a pure artistic painting. It's amazing!!!
The movie is so so beautiful. It felt authentic with all the costumes and sitting were captivating!! The shooting angles as well were very artistic, witty and very creative!! The music is soo enchanting as well!! The movie truly is a master piece.
The story of this movie is deep and enchanting. It's full with heart and soul and it moves your emotion as the movie doesn't show you the glamorous style of royalty life, but the human and emotional side. It makes us feel closer and more attached to the movie as it show us how we all have problems in our lives and no one has pure perfect life.  
You cannot but feel the strong relationship between the King and Lionel Logue.  
I love Colin Firth acting, but in this movie particularly he just blew me away! You can feel his frustration when the words won't come out. The war speech was sooooo just… oh God, I can't express it!!
I was also surprised by Helena Bonham Carter. She wasn't in her normal crazy character (not that I hate it, I think she's brilliant!) But she was so sweet and loving.
The movie is simple, yet so mesmerizing. It will give you gosepumps. RECOMMENDED!!!  
"I have a Voice."

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