Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie Review: Captain America

I'm dying to see the Avengers movie next year and because of that I loved Captain America before seeing the movie. I'm so happy that seeing the movie (finally!!) didn't disappoint me!! I am more excited now to see the avengers than before!
First of all this is the first time I hear of a superhero called Captain America (I didn't even heard of Thor or Green lantern before as well … kinda sad, eh?) But I loved how they events all occurred in the 40s (WW2)!! That meant different style, makeup, wardrobe and even cities were different. The whole movie had this grayish-brownish kind of mood that makes you say, cooool!! I like the way they kept to the WW2 mood, it wasn't too cheerful or funny because people in those days were in bad times.
 I even enjoyed how the movie was filmed; I mean people shined in it. It has this kind of black and white glow making us drawn to that era. I'm not an expert as you know, so I don't know the right terminology for that way of filming, but it was beautiful how the whole movie was presented to us.  
The characters of the movie were amazing as well! I mean they showed us Howard Stark (Iron Man's father)!! And his Expo in the 40s!! It was so fun!! It made the whole movies connect to each other!! oops, should I say spoil alert? I mean you can find that out by reading Captain America's page in IMDB :p.  Anyhowz hehehe I also loved how they made Chris Evans short and skinny!! The scene when they turned him to Captain America, it was so intense and frightening! I mean you know the experiment will work or the movie will have no point to it, but still it keeps you on edge!! Cool special effects! Chris was really good at his part too, great choice! (My favorite Avenger is still Thor though <3) I loved how the villain, the Red Skull was Hugo Weaving I loved him in the Matrix. The rest of the cast were really good as well. I like it when a movie is full with professional performance!! 
What is different and fun about this movie is that unlike so many movies were they leave all the action till the end, in this movie we have fighting scenes from the beginning till the end. And those scenes were amazingly made, it wasn't too much! As you watch the movie as well you got to admire the weapons and the technology the characters had in those days. It makes you think, hmm this is not true, but still wonder what if in those days there was some secret organization like we saw in the movie. It was fun to see how they modernized the old technology. My favorite weapon was Captain America's shield and the way he fights with it. He is a true superhero.
So all of you sci-fi lovers, if you haven't seen this movie already, Shame on you!! And if you are someone who are looking for a fun exciting action movie, this is a must see ;).

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