Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie Review: Real Steal

I was waiting for this movie since forever!!! I am so happy I got the chance to go and see it!!! It’s AMAZING!!! A M A Z I NG!!!!!

The story of boxing robots!! How cool is that!! I was punching invisible robots throughout the fights!! Haha!!

I loved how you can feel the heart and soul of this movie!! I cried in more than one scene! It’s so cool!

So *calm down* the story is about a boxing champion, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) whose career was killed by the boxing industry moving to Robots! As he tries to buy a robot to compete with, his son, Max (Dakota Goyo) comes into the picture. Both of them spend the summer together and go through a mind blowing experience!!

Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors, not only ‘cause he is super super cute, but also because you can feel the emotions his character feel. He’s brilliant!!  The kid,OMG!! He is so gifted!! He’s so funny and really fit his character (even though he was weak in some scenes, but for his age, he was GREAT!!)

I also was blown by the special effects used in this movie. It was more believable than I thought it would be. The fighting scenes were so real. There was couple of scenes as well, which were so beautiful. You normally don’t see this kind of artistic quality in an action movie. What I also loved was how they incorporated futuristic technology with traditional ways. It didn’t ruin the concept nor did it look faked.

The directing was genius!! Shawn Levy did a great job!! All the elements of this movie worked together and it didn’t lose our attention.

I love this movie, I’m so gonna buy the DVD. The movie is action packed and so exciting!! I clapped, yelled and punched the air hahaha!! It’s one of this movies that make you live the story with all your senses!!

I recommend this movie to all types of people!!

Kemz (Twitter: @KemzMovies)

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