Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Review: How do you Know?

This movie is one of the lamest chick flicks I ever so. *sigh* It is called "How Do You Know?" fyi.
It was so lame and boring that I wish I can return the DVD. Seriously!!
I haven't laughed once! I didn't feel happy or smily when the romancy scenes played. It was just completely horrible! ah!
I love the cast, I mean they are all great actors, but it didn't work out! Even their performances were intolerable. The cute Owen Wilson wasn't funny, I mean he was sweet, I liked him, but still it wasn't enough.
The plot as well was boring and very predictable *sigh* It was so hard to finish it and see it till the end. If someone else (who isn't a movie obsessed like me :p) watched this movie they'll turn it off after 10 minutes!!
I mean the film has emotions, but you can't feel it. It doesn't touch you in a special way.  Watching this movie was a waste of my time!
I need something to wow me and I couldn't find it in this movie :s!!

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