Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: I am Number Four

Every year if you had noticed, dear reader we have one sci-fi/fantasy movie that is just pure entertainment. We had movies like "The Covenant", "Jumper" "Push" and many more.

"I am Number Four" for me is one of the best made!!! The idea is so fun and exciting!! About a cute alien (Alex Pettyfer) who lives in Earth (See Spielberg, cute aliens are good too :p). The movie is so sweet and it always gets my heart tingle!!! I have the DVD and saw it so many times already!!!

It has romance, super powers, cute couples, villains and some amaaazing fight scenes! It's a really 'feel good' kind of a movie!!!

The way it was filmed was so good. I saw it this time in HD and the colors were stunning!! Especially the fight scenes where you find the clashing of blue and red flames. It was pure visual powers!!! The way they moved and fought, you can tell, it's not HUMAN!!! It was wicked!! Ooh and when John (The main character) received his "Legacy" it was thrilling!!

What I also liked about the movie is the story of this guy who just wants to settle down and have a normal life (though I never got that cliché. I mean, hello!! You have super power!!) Anyhow, but John never said it, but you can see it in his attitude and the cutest scene when he saw where Sarah (Dianna Agron) lived. His eyes sparkled like a little child. He wanted that beautiful simple house with the cheezy kind parents. It's hard to not only change location but also names and personal history. I always get attached to movies that have genuine stories like this one.

I loved, LOVED Henry (Timothy Olyphant) in the movie. He's a true warrior <3 <3.  My favorite line was when he told John: "We don't love like humans, we love forever. We never forget". Oh, My, God!! Call me mooshy, but I can't help fell in love with this character since you seriously rarely can find like him in this planet. I'm thinking of moving to another galaxy :p seriously *sigh*.

I really wish there's a sequal!! And better yet, I wish I was a number!!!!

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