Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”

The story of Snow White and the wicked Queen is a story we memorize by heart from our childhood; we know how it starts and we know how it ends, but we can never have enough of. It just tickles hearts by the prospect of a great love story and a happy ending. That’s why it’s a timeless story.
That’s why whenever I hear a classic fairytale is being remake as a film, I feel skeptical. What if it got ruined?? I can tell you one thing, readers, NOT in this film!!! Mirror Mirror is just sooo AMAZING!!! I was dying to see it when I first saw the trailer. The movie was hilarious, adventurous and full with LOVE.
Two elements helped this movie to be an awesome blockbuster: the enchanted setting and Julia Roberts!! Let’s talk first about the setting: It was so beautiful. It was as magical as the fairytale itself. It was a master piece. Second, the talented, amazing, funny and beautiful, Julia Roberts; she was hilarious!!!! She took the evil creepy Queen image and turned it to this snarky, sarcastic, coco loony character. Her performance is perfect!!!
I’m really enjoying how movies are recreating the classic fairytales we’re used to see. From “Red Riding Hood” to the coming “Beauty and the Beast”, a new generation of fairytales is introduced to us. This movie has a fun teenager mood to it, but we will see the dramatic mood of “Red Riding Hood” in “Snow White and The Huntsmen” (if you don’t know it, see the Trailer). The other Snow White story which will be released in June. The Queen is Charlize Theron and the Huntsmen is Chris Hemsworth, oh, my god!!! The only bad vibe I get from this movie is from Kristen Stewart, let’s hope her performance in this movie is better than Twilight, eh!
Bottom line, the movie is AWESOME!! Go see it!!!
Movies are so so so so fun these days!! Long Live Creative Imagination!!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

The much anticipated movie of this season. Based on the best seller trilogy, The Hunger Games broke records on its opening weekend in USA. I didn’t know about the books, since I haven’t been in a book store for a very long time! But when I saw the movie buzz on TV and online I was slightly curious to read the books and had them in my Amazon cart. After seeing the movie, I will definitely BUY it!!

The movie was AMAZING! Very intense and entertaining! It was slow at first, but then when I get the hang of the story line and setting; it was just a rush of thrilling scenes. I can see there’s a lot of details we need to know are in the book, that’s why I’m excited to be a new fan of this trilogy!!
I liked the concept of the movie, survival of the fittest and all. It’s amazing how people act when they face death! Their true nature appears and it’s sometimes predictable, but can also be shocking. The movie was slightly slow like I said, but it made me believe the game was happening for real. The movie was more drama than action, but in a good way!
I don’t want to talk about the plot a lot, but the main idea is get kids from different districts (the movie is set in a different world), throw them in a forest and let them kill each other; only one can survive. This concept is kinda old, but what I liked is how the writer made a TV show around it. It’s just a reflection of today’s world, on how to survive based on rating and people’s love. True, no one is killing each other in reality shows (even though most of the time they try) it’s just the same concept; let everyone fight and back stab each other for people’s entertainment.
A line I liked that was said in the movie was, “I don’t wanna lose myself in this game”. It says a lot!
There were signs in the last couple of scenes of the movie about part too, and I searched for it, so “Catching Fire” will be released in 2013!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
The movie is fun and you should go and cheer for your favorite in Hunger Games ;)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Iron Lady

The story of the only female Prime Minister in Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher and the rule that gave Meyrl Streep her third Oscar!
I love it!! It’s a story we all need to learn. In this movie we meet Margaret (Meyrl Streep) in her late years, and through her memories, we have a taste who she was; an interesting and intriguing taste that makes us want to know more about her intimate life and how she changed the history of Great Britain and how she became ‘The Iron Lady’.
The young generations in these days need a strong role model to inspire them and this is a great movie to be inspired by. One of the lines I loved in this movie was when Margaret said, “One’s life must matter.” A lot can be taken from this line. In these days even in small matters we need to stop being talkers (mostly, whiners) and start to become doers!! It wasn’t easy to be the only female Prime Minister in the country’s history, but Margaret Thatcher exceeded expectations, because she ‘Do’.
I’m totally curious now to know more about Margaret and after I write this review I will try and do some research on her.
To move away from the story line and to talk more about the making of the movie, I feel it will definitely become a Classic! Meyrl Streep was nothing, but perfect in her role and really looked the part. She was completely transformed. No wonder the movie received another Oscar for Best Makeup. It was flawless.  
What I loved as well in this movie (and most biography based movies, I think) is how they show us the human sides of these characters. What I mean is, in this movie we have a sense of her personal relationships with her husband, children and those who were around her; something we can’t read in Wikipedia.
Also, they say the success of a movie is in the details and in ‘The Iron Lady’ we can see a close attention to details in the way the camera moved with Meyrl to capture every small movement Margaret did; from the close ups to her shoes as she walked through the crowds of men, the accessories on her hand as she tapped military charts to the tucking of her handbag under her chair in the Parliament.
The movie was just brilliant!!! And yes, it’s a Classic!!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Movie Review: John Carter

I wanna move to MARS!!
Disney made a movie about a John Carter; a soldier from the civil war in the nineteen century. He was the normal bitter faithless soldier we find in movies, but the fun part is, he magically transported to MARS!! I so want that to happen to me!!
So in Mars, many things happen. He’ll meet new creatures and different tribes. It was so exciting to watch his journey. Even though there is a lot of Disney clichés within the dialogue and plot, it’s a refreshing and thrilling adventure. I wanna express more, but I don’t wanna spoil it :p. I’m so happy it had Romaaaance!!
 The movie didn’t have huge explosive special effects, but it was fun to see how all the flying ships worked on solar energy. I mean if this movie was made in the 70s or 80s, the filmmakers will choose a complete different method.
The only critic I have for this movie was that I felt bored in couple of scenes, so this is my advice: wait for it!! It’ll get exciting soon!!
The movie will not be as big as Star Wars or even Prince of Persia. It didn’t have that much of amazing details, but it’s worth going to the cinema to watch it.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Hehehehehe this is a funny movie!!! If you're bored and looking for a movie to zombie out in front of the TV and just relax, this is a good movie to watch! It made me chuckle and lifted up my mood :D
I always thought Charlie Day is super funny since I first saw him in “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” hehehe. He was soo cute when he said "I always dreamed to become a husband". Jennifer Aniston was good as the evil character.

The story mainly is 3 friends who have horrible bosses (daah) then they decide to kill them and with that their funny journey begins :p.
I recommend this movie to anyone who's bored and want to laugh.
Caution: You might not like this movie, since some people thought it was lame.

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Movie Review: Blitz

The English movie about a psycho who kills only cops, with Jason Statham staring it. I love Jason's movies; they're always full with action and most of them has fun actiony plot.
This movie was a slight of disappointment. Even though it was an hour and a half long, it felt a lot longer. It was interesting at first because you get filled with anticipation on what will happen next, but then the plot becomes so predictable. You know who the killer is and you know what'll happen next and the end was so lame.
It was good to kill time, but I'm happy I didn't go to the theater to watch it.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movie Review: The Help

To stand for what you believe in or try and make a change is never an easy job, but courage must be found in honor to have a better life. All of us have the right to feel free; the right to feel important. This is the main idea of the movie, "The Help" as it talks about the unknown lives of African American maids in the 50s, who struggle daily in order to support their families. I heard so many good reviews on this movie and I was so thrilled to get the DVD, however I never thought it would touch my soul. 
It's difficult to find the strength within jato stand up to something that already a huge part of outlives and in this movie we see Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) and Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer) tell their stories and by only talking about their problem they managed to gain a huge part of their freedom.
Even though the story is set in the 50, I know this subject touches each one of us; no matter the age, the race or religion. We may look different,but deep down we all have the same problems.
I can talk about the setting, the customs or the cinematography about this movie, which is really beautiful and amazing, but the story, to me, is more important, especially in this movie. We saw how not only the maids were trapped in their lives, but also Celia Foote (Jessica Chastain), the little kids and even Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) , who you feel sorry for, even though you hate her, but imagine how tiring it is to be her. 
The movie made me tear up so many times and I couldn't stop the tears from falling in the end.
Octavia Spencer won the best supporting actress scar for this movie and i was happy for her but if I knew she won after watching the movie I'd be even happier. The rest of the cast were as brilliant, Viola Davis was the reason I cried half of the times and I never thought Emma Stone could pull this kind of roles; she was brilliant. I loved the character of Celia Foote too.

It's truly a must see movie!!! It's full with heart, soul and genius performances.
P.S: It was based on a best seller novel by the same name.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Movie Review: Man on a Ledge

Fun, exciting movie!!! Yaaay :D!!! I saw the stupid behind the scene clip before going to the movies and I thought I won’t enjoy it, but as always, I was WRONG!! It’s so thrilling. The whole movie is about a guy on a ledge, which mean every five seconds you think, will he jump or not!! Pure suspense!!

The lead actor is Sam Worthington, the guy in avatar. I like his acting, but I didn’t like the long hair on him. I know, what does that have to do with the movie, but I’m just saying, cut your hair dude!! :p

Ok, going back to the movie, I recommend this to anyone who wants a fun movie. It’s not a long movie and you can predict most of the plot, but it’s one of those movies which you don’t regret buying the ticket!!

There is no artistic quality to it; it’s just a pure entertainment movie!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Review: HOP


Hahahaha this is such a cute cute movie!! I mean it’s a movie about talking bunnies!!! I wished I could hug EP when he said “I’m a bunny and I’m sexy”!! I mean how cute is that!!
And also the colors of the candy  factory is so refreshing!! The movie is not just a movie for kids, anyone can enjoy it. It’s so fun and super cute!! I know I said “cute” a lot but I’ve been saying “awwwww” from the first scene haha!! It’s funny also and has some action with the pink bunnies (they have a name, but I don’t know the spelling :p)
You should see this movie! It’ll make you want a bunny and also want some CANDY!!!
If I wanna say one bad thing about the movie is how the evil chick has a Spanish accent and that is so clichéd to have the factory manager called Carlos and also kind of a stereotyping, but that lead us to a whole different blog :p

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Reviews: Limitless

Imagine if there’s a pill that makes you 10x smarter, would you not kill to get it? That what happened in this movie as one transparent tiny pill fell into the hands of a failed writer. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) in less than two months with the help of these pills became one of the most successful men in Wall Street. Everything was clear and focused in his mind and before he knew it, he was on top of the world. But, this is life, nothing comes easily to anyone. There is always a price to pay or at least a small slap on the face and that was the start of the most intense nerve ricking scenes where I was shouting on the screen “Just TAKE THE PILL!!!!”

At first I felt the movie was slow, but then as I was closer to the climax, I kept peeking on the time hoping it won’t end soon, because I wanted to know more. I had all these questions in my mind, who made the pills? Who else took it? Who’s that creepy dude in the background??? All those questions were answered and that made me love this movie even more.

To talk about Bradley Cooper, Bradley is not just the hottest actors alive, but he’s also improving. I loved to see how he didn’t only get into his character, but also evolve as Eddie did and you can notice that throughout the movie. From being shy and weird to the most charming successful man!

Another element of this movie which I thought was fun was the fact that the cinematography of the movie shifts; the scenes were bright and colorful when Eddie took the pills then they were gray and dull when he was off. It made me as a viewer feel like I, myself was taking the pills.

Even though the movie gripped my attention, I was a little disappointed by some stuff, like I mentioned before the beginning was slow, but I forgave that when I get deeper into the movie. But the most thing that annoyed me (and it’s the same with many other movies) there are missing scenes which I saw in the trailer!! Yes, I’ve seen it, but I like to see how it blends in the story.

Other than that, it’s a really smart, fun, very intense and exciting movie. It is the kind of movies that makes you think, “What will happen next?”

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

This is a “make me happy” kind of a movie!! Whenever I get gloomy nothing like a dose of Robert Downey Jr. in his role of Sherlock Holmes can make me feel better!!! I love how Guy Ritchie (Director) reinvented the whole concept of this genius detective. I mean we always saw Sherlock as this poised wise man, who walks with confidant, but in this movie he is a badass obsessive crazy genius who blows our minds!!! And also Dr. Watson, played by the hot Jude Law, the character we’re used to see as this fat shorty guy has turned to this attractive former warrior! This is by far my favorite version of this timeless legend.
There are two movies so far of my favorite version and this week the second part of this movie was released and to prepare myself I, yesterday, watched the first one which was released back in 2009 and I felt like I was watching it for the first time!! So exciting!!! First I can’t express on the brilliance of the sound track. I mean talk about original!!! I loved it; it gets you in the mood and also gives the movie its own soul.  
The movie is full with action, wittiness and OMG scenes!!! The slow motioned scenes are so intense and dazzling! I mean the artistic value of it is just wowz! I’ve seen the movie more than once and it still grab my utmost attention. The cinematography, the sitting, the wardrobe and the characters, everything was perfect!!! Sensational and as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes!!!
Moving on to part two; I was so afraid and worried it won’t be as awesome as the first one! I love it when a movie proves me wrong!!! It was so so so AWESOME!!! It has all the brilliant elements of the first movie and added more action, more characters and more awesomeness to the plot!!! They moved to Paris and Switzerland, where the most amazing scenery of the whole movie was!!!
I love the way the whole story was recreated and reintroduced to us in this most innovative way! I mean having a mind like Sherlock must’ve had an effect on his character. The way he looks at the details and the way he talks, I think this movie completely nailed it!! I also love the relationship between Holmes and Watson!! They’re like brothers!!
This will always be on my favorite list. It’s such a GENIUS MOVIE!!
I love this movie and its sequel!! I can’t say more!! Just amazing! It will make you laugh, cry, jump with excitement and the itch you want to go and solve a case hahaha!!
I’m writing this review as I listen to the sound track! Hans Zimmer is brilliant!!
I wanna go see it again!!!! If you haven’t yet … GO and ENJOY!!!
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 4

Ok, so to tell the truth for years now I’ve been hating Tom Cruise. For some reason I just couldn’t stand seeing him on the big screen. I feel like he went weird crazy and I know many of you readers agree with me. But he is improving!! I thought of that when I saw “Knight & Day”, but now I’m sure of it after seeing Mission Impossible 4!!

Mission Impossible is timeless! I grew up with this movie and its sequels. The first one kinda baffled me, I think because I was too young, haha! But it’s the Original one! You can never deny the way Tom’s actiony flying move in that white room changed action movies history!! I can’t describe it in a better way, but to MI fans, you’ll know what I’m talking about :p. The second part will always be my favorite!! I mean the first scene with Tom on the mountains is just OMG!! I loved how it’s all about a virus and its cure as well. It was really amazing!! The third one was a complete and utter DISASTER!!!! I still don’t understand its plot and I don’t think I will ever do !! It came out in the crazy period of Tom Cruise haha! So that’s explains it!

So now to MI4!! It was so FUN!!! The plot was back to being simple, yet very very exciting!! And it was humorous as well! From Russia to Dubai to India, it was ACTION PACKED!!! I really enjoyed it and loved it!! The scenes were really cool and as always, you have the “good” crazy Ethan Hunts moves with climbing Burj Khalifa!! That scene was soooo thrilling!! It even scared me!! Haha!!

I seriously loved it! Especially when they went to Dubai! It was so fun seeing a neighboring city (especially an Arab one) in a movie as fun as this! And the most exciting part was in it!! I don’t wanna say much more so I won’t spoil it for you, reader, but still, so proud of DUBAI!!! :D

I love the rest of the cast as well, they weren’t the original cast, but they were perfect!!

So this is a MUST SEE MOVIE!! And since we’re gonna head to a boring slow period of movies, you should take the time to see this one!!

And Tom, Please keep up the good work!!!!!

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