Sunday, September 29, 2013

Movie Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

This Saturday I was in the mood for a fun light film. After the intensity of Prisoners, I needed that hahaha. So, we went to watch the new Percy Jackson film. For those who didn’t see the first film ‘Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief’, it’s the story of a modern demi-God, the son of Poseidon to be accurate, who lives in a special camp for demi-Gods. There they find shelter from all the monsters and other mythical creatures, but of course adventure always finds them and a new quest is always waiting around the corner. The whole story is driven from the Greek methodology and it’s based on a 5-books series by Rick Riordan (same title).

It’s a really fun story. The Greek methodology and the whole Olympus Gods legends always interested me. I don’t believe in them for sure, but I’m really intrigued to know how that story was developed. It is very curious. But about the film, it was enjoyable and just the perfect film for something light and fun. It was also quite funny.
I just love how they took all those creatures and just reinvent them. Big cheers for the author who created this world. The special features also puts you in the right setting to make you feel you're deep in the story.
My only problem with the film was the focus of the camera. The whole screen wasn’t clear. The director kept focusing on specific things and the rest is a bit plury, but after sometimes u get used to it, so it’s not a big issue. It was just annoying for a bit.
I tried to find out if they’re going to do a third film, because the ending indicated the continuing of the story. So apparently there are talks to start filming The Titan’s Curse, but I guess the production house is just waiting for final revenue numbers to decide.
It was really fun and I’m happy I chose to watch it this weekend. If you’re a YA fantasy fan or just looking for a fun adventure, this is a really cool film to watch.
I bought ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Star Trek into the Darkness’ DVDs, so let’s see what I’ll review next!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Movie Review: Prisoners

Staring Hugh Jackman, Prisoners is the story of Keller Dover (Jackman) when his daughter and her friend got kidnapped. Disappointed by the performance of Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) he perssue the suspect and try to find his daughter.
This is such a suspense story!! OMG!! I was on the edge of my seat and screaming at the screen! Even though it’s the same kidnapping story, but so intense and thrilling! There are scenes that hook you up so much that you just stare in silence waiting for something to happen. Even the soundmix was thrilling. It was so calm that even some scenes didn’t have any sound but the click of a pen or the swish of a paper.
I’m a huge, huge Hugh Jackman fan!! I love how deep he gets into the character. He’s so passionate and emotional. There was a scene that just killed me as he screamed at Loki saying, ‘My daughter is there, waiting for me, waiting for me to save her’.
Also keep in mind that you need to go with your friends to see this. I really enjoyed the movie more because I had my sisters and friends with me and we kept speculating and trying to guess the plot! It was like we lived the mystery with them. It was nerve wrecking, but totally worth it!!
Awesome choice, Hugh! As always!!!

Let’s see what I’ll review this weekend!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Movie Review: Django Unchained

As I tweeted the other day, I wanted to review an Oscar winning film. So, since winning an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay is my ultimate dream, I chose ‘Django Unchained’.  I’m not a big fan of the Wild West films, but it’s a Quentin Tarantino film, so I was really excited to see it. I don’t know how to explain my take on Tarantino’s filmmaking style. He is famous of making unconventional stories in the most innovative way while keeping in mind, the artistic and in the same time commercial aspect in his film. See, I told you, I’m bad at explaining his methods, hahaha. Anyway what I mean is; his movies have a combination of elements that appeal to both critics and viewers.  
So, the film is about Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave in 1858 who was freed by a German dentist, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) who is a bounty hunter. Hoping to find his enslaved wife (Kerry Washington) Django join Dr. King and become his deputy. They finally find his wife under the ownership of, a ruthless plantation owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).
It’s a long film, 2 hours and a half with some bloody scenes (well, if you saw Kill Bill, it’s not that much) but it’s a movie NOT TO BE MISSED! It’s very smart and sharp and Tarantino knows exactly the right moment for slow motion scenes to intrigue interest. It’s so thrilling and really moving.
The main theme in the film was slavery (that reminded me that I need to watch ‘12 Years a Slave’). It just shows you how much the African American suffered in those days and no matter how you tried, you can’t imagine the feeling of being owned and humiliated like that. I really enjoyed how the story (written by Tarantino) showed slavery and all that suffering through the eyes of a couple who will do anything for their love. It raised the issue of the ‘forbidden love’.
Since ‘Django Unchained’ won Best Writing, Original Screenplay, I paid attention to the dialogue. The moment you hear the doctor speaks in the film, you know how smart the script is. It gave the doctor’s character its unique voice and identity. Waltz also won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for playing the doctor. He was super awesome. He was brilliant! I totally approve the win.
Jamie Foxx was amazing in his role as well. He brought the character alive through his eyes. I always said that the success of an actor is shown through his eyes. He made me believe he was dying inside whenever something happened to his wife. I also always, always, always enjoy Leonardo’s acting. He needs an Oscar soon! His characters are always varied and his acting is just ah! Genius!
The movie is again not to be missed. It’s even has some funny scenes, so it has everything! If you’re looking for a good movie, here’s a film for you. But if you can’t take the blood and torturing, you shouldn’t watch it. It’s a bit disturbing.
Oh and it has an awesome soundtrack! I love it!
Tell I manage to see something good soon! (hopefully Prisoners!!)
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Movie Review: Bridget Jone’s Diary

I’m probably the last person on this planet who have seen this film! I know I’m 12 years late, but I finally got to see it!

It’s the story of Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) who is 32 and single! Sick of her pitiful life she tries to change things and started with writing a diary. That year her playboy boss, Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) notices her finally and a new relationship starts. Bridget love life get complicated when Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) come in the picture with his arrogant attitude. That creates one of the most beloved classic Romantic Comedy and timeless love triangle.

From the beginning I knew that this story is clearly a somehow modern take on Pride and Prejudice. I had to check online, but I was right! The moment you see the first scenes you can tell and of course, Mark Darcy’s name is a big hint hahahaha.

It was so romancy and super funny! Although Renée’s British accent threw me back at first, but when I got used to it, I wasn’t bothered that much.

I think the reason of this film’s popularity comes from how Bridget Jones’ daily struggle with her weight, career and love life is something that everyone can relate too. Especially the un kept new year’s resolution of losing weight and try and change your life.  A cliché, but let’s face it, that’s reality.

Many tell me that the book, which was based on, is even funnier, so mental note to read it!

I should’ve watched another film. This is such an easy film to review. I laughed, I sighed and awwwwed, so what more shall I look for in Romantic Comedy.
A fun classic romance!

Now I need to watch the sequel ><”

Till I see something else
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Movie Review: Pillow Talk

Today I fell sick, so I thought what’s better than to watch a fun classic! I just got the DVD for 1959’s Pillow Talk and I found out it was the perfect amusing film!
The story is about Jan Morrow (Doris Day) an interior decorator and Brad Allan (Rock Hudson) a songs writer who both single and share a party line.

I don’t want to say more because it’s better to see it yourself. But I can say this; it’s hilarious fun and an awesome classic! It really made me feel better and I didn’t regret ordering it!

Classic films are always light and have this enchanting feel to it. It just puts you in a great mood!

The storyline is a new favorite of mine as you don’t feel the hour and 45 minutes pass by! You really don’t! This film I will always recommend to anyone who asks me about Classics!

For me as a no classic expert, this was a film I never heard of and found it by accident in Amazon, but as you can tell I really enjoyed it and it’s such a true Romantic Comedy!

Till the next one!
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Movie Review: Romancing the Stone

So every now and then I go on a DVD spree in Amazon and every time I have a theme, like classics or anime. This time I felt I need me some 80s romance! So I went and bought some of my old favorites.

Romancing the Stone is a film I saw when I was a teen and it stuck in my head ever since. It’s the story of a romance novelist, Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) who received a treasure map from her dead brother in law. Confused by it, Joan get a phone call from her sister telling her she’s been kidnapped and needs to travel all the way to Colombia to give the kidnappers the map and save her life. So, Joan travels and meets Jack (Michael Douglas) the American smuggle who’s been dreaming to buy himself a boat.

I love this film because it’s such a cheezy story done in an awesome way! Didn’t you ever dream of traveling and having an unexpected adventure?? It is such a short and fun film to watch. An 80s classic. Most of you had probably seen it, but it’s one of those movies you don’t mind watching again once in a while.

It’s personally a special film for me, because it was one of the films that made me want to be a novelist! I love it when she cries in the beginning because she finished writing her book. It’s something I always do.

But enough about me, this is fun for everyone, cus it has romance AND action! There’s car chase, guns and crocodiles. It’s a great package!

There’s a sequel to it to, ‘The Jewel of the Nile’, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Have a nice Saturday everyone!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Movie Review: R.I.P.D

My biggest disappointment of this summer!!! Why Robert Schwentke?? Why!!!! You did Red, which is fun and The Time Traveler’s Wife which I loved!! What happened????

It was so boring, my sister actually fell asleep and my friend was texting throughout the film and I actually turned and said, let’s leave this!
It was so boring!!! The story is about a police officer who died and joined the Rest In Peace Department who captured the souls who escaped hell. The film is badly written. You can barely understand what’s happening and it is such a bad, very bad rip off of Men in Black! Same story line, but worse. A LOT worse! Oh, it's based on a Comic. Still, it wasn't any good.
Look, I love Ryan Reynolds, but I think his best is in Romantic Comedies. Not this or at least choose a movie with better script! Jeff Bridges, I have no words to describe what I’m thinking. So disappointed.
Such a fail! This is what happens when I trust a trailer!!!
Let’s hope what I watch next will be better.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Movie Review: The Wolverine

I was waiting for this film! Mainly because I LOVE Hugh Jackman and also because the X-Men are one of my favorite superheroes. They just have the perfect fantasy-reality blend! And also because Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine!!!

Ok, to be more series and professional, it’s the story of our dear Logan dealing with the aftermath of Jean’s (Famke Janssen) death. He excluded himself from society and everyone and left to live in the mountain. As he finally accepted his loneliness, a man he ones saved reached out to him. You see he was dying and flew Logan all over to Japan to say goodbye to him, but little did Logan knew that this man wanted his healing powers in return to give him a mortal life.
For me, The Wolverine is one of the best films of the summer. Whenever you see a sequel you feel the doubts, but this film is actually enjoyable and good! You never regret seeing it and you actually would want to see it again. It didn’t have a lot of X-Men in it; the focus was mainly on The Wolverine, but it was backed with ninjas!! I love physical fights more than guns and weapons. You can see the art of movement.
The setting in Japan really gave the film a nice atmosphere. You would think it will be cliché, cus we saw a lot of movies now shot in Japan, but it really worked for this film. We moved from the crowded city to the southern villages and them into the snow covered mountains. It’s really beautiful.
The Japanese cast was awesome! They really casted some of their best. Sometimes the casting crew go crazy (like in Pacific Rim), but this time all of them really elevated the film. Hugh Jackman for me will always be an amazing and talented actor! Their something about him that you actually believe the words he says. The pain in Logan’s eyes and his struggle with his guilt and nightmares needs to be genuine and Hugh actually delivered it. I just love him! (If he wasn’t The Wolverine, he’s make an excellent Batman!! Instead of Ben Affleck, ah!)

Anyways! Watch this film!! Waaaatch it!!!

My next review, R.I.P.D
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Movie Review: The Internship

I’m finally back from my vacation and ready to get back to the movie world! As always I love watching films on the plane! Such a fun free way to see new films haha!
After thinking for a bit, I decided to watch. The Internship.  So, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are two oldie salesmen who got fired and in their attempts to find new jobs, they enroll in an internship in Google, the place everyone would love to work in (mostly for the nap rooms hahaha). Competing with the brightest students is not easy for Billy and Nick, so they try more unconventional ways to get by.
It’s a fun film to watch. It’s very interesting to see the Google environment and the fun gadgets and buildings they have. It has a very light and inspiring feeling to it. It’s a good ‘I’m bored, what should I watch’ film, but it’s a one-time film. If you see it again, it’ll be just plain boring.  
The only thing that disappointed me, was the fact that it wasn’t as funny as you’d expect from the duo that brought us the Wedding Crashers! It was fun with some hehe scenes, but nothing that cracked me up! The film took a more inspiring take to the concept.
But, it’s a good film. If you don’t wanna see it, it won’t hurt, but if you’re bored and you’re flipping through the channels and saw it was on, keep watching. It’s fun!

My next review, The Wolverine
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