Friday, November 11, 2011

Movie Review: Inception

This is one of the hardest movies to comprehend, yet the most interesting!!
Dreams are the most intriguing and mysterious subject in this world. For me dreams were always the land where anything can happen. To be able to control dreams will be the most extraordinary thing!! But as you watch this movie and see how people can get lost in their dreams and then lost in limbo, you can understand the need for separating dreams from reality.
The movie is creative beyond believe!! It's so smart, it made me think all day to try and understand the concept. A dream within a dream within a dream. If one line was said in a vaguer manner or a scene was set in a different way, the whole movie won't be BRILLIANT!!
The way we moved from one layer of the dream to the next is just amazing!! So thrilling!! It's exciting to see how every lair is link to the other and GOD!! The set is GENIUS!! How the gravity changed and the fight scene as it happened!! AWESOME!!
I really enjoyed the performance of the cast!! You feel like they've been penetrating dreams all their lives!! Leo <3 my all-time favorite!!!! (See Blood Diamond, Catch Me if You Can and Shutter Islands … he's brilliant!! I caaaan't wait for his new movie!) he has this intense look in his eyes that make u believe his suffering and deep darkness.  
The idea of Inception is kinda scary and confusing!! To have the chance to get your mind manipulated like this and not fully aware of it is spooky!! To always have your doubts of what is real and what is a dream.
The movie gives you this dreary feeling, but you can't take your eyes away. You want to know the answer of what is real!!
For me reality and dreams are two complete different worlds, they exists and both are true.
This movie is one of the few I like to see more than once! But if you hate too dramatic, complicated films, this might not be your type ;p, but it's always fun to experience new things :D!

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