Sunday, September 11, 2011

Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

This movie is the type of movies that you're glad you saw, but you don't feel like seeing it again! Do you understand dear reader? I mean it has really good elements, talented cast, and creative funny story, but it was good, not great!
Don't get me wrong, reader, I don't regret seeing it, which can tell you it's good, but there was something off in the film. I guess I thought it will make me cry from laughter. Although there was this guy in the theater who couldn't stop laughing :p so I guess the movie effect some. For me the movie was more of a Romance than Comedy.
I like Steve Carell, wait no, I love him! I mean he is super funny! But he didn't pull out his comedian magic in this movie which was disappointing. Weirdly though, I liked Julian Moore in this film. I rarely see her in a nice role, she was really good.  The cutest scene in the film was when *spoil alert* Ryan Gosling (the guy in the Notebook) fell in love with Emma Stone. It was so fun and cute. In this movie I liked the fact that it touched me, I got to feel what they felt. It was nice. And Ryan in a scene he was eating this pizza that looked so ymmy hehehe (I was hungry and now I made myself hungry ><)
The climax of the movie was the funniest scene in the entire film. It was hilarious hehehehe. I won't tell you what happened :p.
Like I said it had more romance than Comedy and I loved how the Romance was real and solid. It managed to carry the movie and made me not regret seeing it.
You know it's really hard to judge a comedy movie after seeing the Hangover :p 1&2 hehehehehe.
So, if you want something fun and sweet this movie is for you, but if you got bored easily, read my other reviews for other suggestions ;p

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