Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Review: Monster University

I’ve been waiting for this film since they announced it two years ago! Monsters Inc. is still one of my favorite Pixar films! (Well, who am I kiddin? I love them all) and to have another Monster movie was too exciting!!!
The Pixar magic started with the cutest short film about a blue umbrella! It’s so cute and the animation is amaaazing! So pretty and cute!! The kids as always won’t enjoy it, but for me it was just the perfect short film to start Monsters University.
So! The story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) met at university. I will not comment on the great job the animators do to make the whole university experience come to life because it’s Disney and Pixar, it should be a given thing!
The thing that excited me and I loved was the “Scare Games” so fun!!! I really enjoyed it and it was funny too. Seeing all the games we normally play in the human world transformed to the monster world is so creative!
My only negative comment would be the fact that the story is so predictable (I know most films are), but this was a usual university film. The subject of fitting in and showing everyone how amazing you are, you know, the underdog life. That bothered me, because I wanted something more original (They better do that with Finding Dory!)  
But, it’s still fun, inspiring and really funny! Just to go back to that world is an exciting experience. So there is flaws to it, but don’t let that ruin the experience. Go see it!!
And btw, book your ticket way early!! The cinemas are backed!!

Till the next one,
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

To be honest I thought this film will flop! I didn’t believe in it and as always I LOVE it when I’m SURPRISED!!! Brad Pitt really pulled it off! It really is a summer movie not to be missed!
The film is about a deadly zombie epidemic spreading across the globe and Gerry (Brad Pitt) an ex UN employee is called to help in finding the source of the virus and hopefully the antidote with it. It’s the same old zombie story, but I liked how this film elevated the quality and the professionalism of a ‘zombie’ film.  It was more real and about the virus more than the guns and violent.
I went to this movie picking on everything, ‘cause I really thought it will be horrible, but the more I watch, the more I get into the story. It’s not a horror freaking scary film, but it’s a true suspense and will leave you on the edge of your seat.  The flashing scenes and the running and screaming put you right in the middle of the story. At the beginning I was confused, but then it gets clearer and you get used to the style of filming.
Brad as well was surprising (Although he needed a haircut, but some may disagree with me on that) He was so into his rule and really believable. Also I really enjoyed the acting of Mireille Enos who played, Karin (Gerry’s wife). Their relationship on the screen was so inspiring and moving.
The sound mixing and the soundtrack were amazing and really added to the suspense. There were moments of complete silent which was for me way more frightening! It was brilliant!!
As a friend told me the film is based on a book that tells you how to survive the zombie apocalypse, so to all Zombie fans and those who are getting ready to the zombie apocalypse (Like Me!) watch this film! It has a lot of great survival tips! I loved it!!
Go see it!!
I’m gonna revise my Zombie plan so, till the next film!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

I had my doubts about this film, because I was never a fan of Superman and never bothered to see any of his films, but when you hear that the producer of this version is Christopher Nolan (director of the last three Batman movies) you gotta see it. And I saw it and I LOVED IT!!!

Finally someone put some series magic into this character! Normally it looks so fake and comicy in a very bad way, but this time there was a soul and depth into the story. I know this will sound stupid, but you actually believe it happening!

From the beautiful and very exciting opening in Krypton you can tell there is something different about this version! This time we have almost 15 minutes of scenes in Krypton! I loved it! We know the planet died, but thank you for showing us more of it! I mean that gave depth to the story! The setting was mesmerizing and the destruction of the planet was amazingly amazing!! I loved how the special effects in this film felt effortless. And there was this velvet texture feel to the way it was filmed, so artistic!

Also I loved the cast choice in this film! Russell Crowe (Superman’s real father) who gave a certain nobility to the film and Diane Lane and Kevin Costner (Superman adopted parents) who touches the deepest emotions in your heart, amongst many other great talents!! And OMG, Amy Adams is by far my favorite Lois Lane. She is phenomenon, refreshing and really gave Lois the journalist edge she normally requires. I love her! We can’t also ignore Henry Cavill and his performance as Clark Kent!! He was just perfection in everyway (yes, I wanna marry him!)!!! He was mysterious and he really delivered the sense of his lost soul trying to find home. You will understand my jabbering once you see this film.

The whole film was like a glimpse of Clark’s journey in finding his identity and true calling. But fear not when I say these remarks, there is mind blowing FIGHT SCENES!! With Superman defying his own people and the fist fight in the sky will get you sitting on the edge of your seat!!!

This film has all the right elements of success. Even as I’m writing this review, I’m listening one of the enchanting soundtracks of Hans Zimmer and it’s just got me in the right mood to write!!

I loved all the plot twists and surprises and this movie actually made me fall for Superman once more!! Don’t miss it!!

Till the next fun film!
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Friday, June 14, 2013

TV Movies

So it’s Friday night and my brain is dead, so I spent my day frozen in front of the TV. It’s amazing how many movies you can find to watch. So, today my blog is about the movies I watched on TV.  I watched two today, so far  (and a million friends’ episodes) and they are:

The Five Years Engagement:

The romantic comedy about the long engagement of Violet (Emily Blunt) and Tom (Jason Segel) and the challenges and obstacles they faced.
Hmmm, I have mixed feelings toward this film. It was cute and fun, but way too long, it got boring sometimes and I kept thinking, oh, God! Get it over with. 
It was a bit of a bore film and I was playing games on my ipad through the whole thing. 
It had good elements, but really didn't carry itself till the end. 
Complete no no TV movie.

The Makeover:

This film is a total TV movie and the title doesn’t reflect the story so much. I thought it would be a teen film, but actually it was fun discovering it was a modern cute take on  ‘My Fair Lady’ with a twist. This time the language expert was Hannah (Julia Stiles), the politician who just lost the elections to become a member of the Congress. As she mourned her lose, Hannah met Elliot (David Walton), the beer vender and she managed to convince him to run for Congress.
It’s a fun, short and entertaining story and has a makeover too! David Walton is so cute and his progress from being the vender to the politician is smooth and really good. My Fair Lady is one of my all time favorites (hence it’s on my blog design) and I liked how this take on it is simple and smart. It was really enjoyable and moving.
So this is a yay TV film!

Yup, I had a boring day, but I always love been surprised by good films, even though it sometimes means wasting my time watching through bad ones too!

Hope you all have a FUN weekend!

Till the next review!
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I’m finally back!!! I don’ know what got into me to stop blogging in the first time! But, here I am! With all new design, thanks to Nour Tohme! She did an amazing job! I love my new blog!!

Ok, so back to business! I will be reviewing so many movies!! I mean I have more than 30 DVDs waiting for me to watch and so many more in Cinemas! So we need to start first with the sizzling summer movie season!! I mean nothing is better than the summer season!!!

Let’s start with already released big movies:

Hangover 3: Hahahahahahahahahhahaa!! I LOVE this comedy!!! I know many don’t think that part 2 and 3 will never be as funny as the first one, but it’s still funny and amusing! I mean it’s a feel good film and we got attached to the characters so much! So don’t miss it, thinking you will not laugh, because that’s impossible!!! Just by having Allen in the film is hilarious!!! I mean he is so unbelievable!! I will always watch Hangover, even if it had part 10!

Fast & Furious 6: Read my review in DFI (Where I work) blog. Click here.

Star Trek: Into the Darkness: Sadly and I regret this with deep emotions, I didn’t watch it! I mean it was only released for TWO (maybe more, don’t remember) weeks and the theater took it of the schedule!! I was so frustrated and annoying! Huge disappointment Doha Cinema!!! I’ll review it as soon as I can get the DVD! Ah!

The Great Gatsby: Ok, I’ve read the book ages ago and I really didn’t like it. I mean so many things annoyed me about the plot and since this is a movie blog that doesn’t review books, I will not speak about it. As you guessed, I didn’t see this film. I may never see it. The only reason I might see it, will be the Tiffany jewelry. Yup, that’s how bad I didn’t like the book.

Iron Man 3: Iron Man and Thor are my two favorite superheroes. I can’t help it! Tony Stark is so cute and charming!!! I love everything about this film! The funny take of everything and the iron man suits. I just love love him! I wanna marry Iron Man, if Thor wasn’t around!

Films I’m dying to watch and hope to review:

Man of Steel – After Earth – Monsters University (hehehe) – Despicable Me 2 (wahaha) – World War Z (Although I have my doubts) – The Bling Ring – The Lone Ranger (Johnny Depp, YES!) – Red 2 (Better not to disappoint me) – The Wolverine (Super excited!!!!) – The new 300 film – Smurfs 2 (The cuteness is back!) – Plans (Disney) – Percy Jackson (didn’t know there was a sequel planned, interesting) and many more!

I know that’s a lot of info thrown in this one post, but I’m super excited and have lots to catch up on!!!

Oh! And btw, I might now and then review TV Shows, just cus it’s fun!!

Wait for my CRAZY reviews!!!
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