Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all”

The story of Snow White and the wicked Queen is a story we memorize by heart from our childhood; we know how it starts and we know how it ends, but we can never have enough of. It just tickles hearts by the prospect of a great love story and a happy ending. That’s why it’s a timeless story.
That’s why whenever I hear a classic fairytale is being remake as a film, I feel skeptical. What if it got ruined?? I can tell you one thing, readers, NOT in this film!!! Mirror Mirror is just sooo AMAZING!!! I was dying to see it when I first saw the trailer. The movie was hilarious, adventurous and full with LOVE.
Two elements helped this movie to be an awesome blockbuster: the enchanted setting and Julia Roberts!! Let’s talk first about the setting: It was so beautiful. It was as magical as the fairytale itself. It was a master piece. Second, the talented, amazing, funny and beautiful, Julia Roberts; she was hilarious!!!! She took the evil creepy Queen image and turned it to this snarky, sarcastic, coco loony character. Her performance is perfect!!!
I’m really enjoying how movies are recreating the classic fairytales we’re used to see. From “Red Riding Hood” to the coming “Beauty and the Beast”, a new generation of fairytales is introduced to us. This movie has a fun teenager mood to it, but we will see the dramatic mood of “Red Riding Hood” in “Snow White and The Huntsmen” (if you don’t know it, see the Trailer). The other Snow White story which will be released in June. The Queen is Charlize Theron and the Huntsmen is Chris Hemsworth, oh, my god!!! The only bad vibe I get from this movie is from Kristen Stewart, let’s hope her performance in this movie is better than Twilight, eh!
Bottom line, the movie is AWESOME!! Go see it!!!
Movies are so so so so fun these days!! Long Live Creative Imagination!!!

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