Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Review: The Tourist

This is a very hard movie to review. I love it. I feel like there this word that can express my feeling to it, but I can't find it!! (Damn my week English!)
But the movie is so elegant and charming in a very exciting way!! It reminds me of old Hollywood!! The golden ages!!!
I mean you have the amazing, ravishing Angelina Jolie and the handsome super talented Johnny  Depp together in the same movie!! And not just any movie!!  A movie about falling in love in a train trip in Europe!! The movie is so hot in the most sophisticated way!!! Just to be in Venice and the scene that always makes my heart jumpy is when she opened the closet in the hotel room and find it full with classy clothes and jewelry. I want that to happen to me!! :p Angelina in this movie was such an elegant Lady!!
The thrill in the movie and the ROMANCE!! I mean I seriously believed he loved her and she loved him back!! I know movies are not real and they're just movies, but it's the beauty of the movie, the secret key to success is to make us believe deeply that this story had happened or could happen!!
"I don't regret it you know, kissing you." Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny <3 <3 <3.
The movie is so flirtatious, but in the same time the character of Elise (Angelina Jolie) makes us feel compassion to her story.  The music with the piano and the violin … It's just breath taking!!
It seriously made me want to just get on a train and let life take me wherever. Though I doubt it'll be this adventurous :p!
The plot of the movie is so thrilling, mysterious, clever and really fun! I will always miss this movie and will never hesitate to see it over and over again!!
And never forget, dear reader … "He's a Tourist"

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