Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review: Arthur

One of the sweetest most charming movie of this year!!!
The story of the classic Arthur (I haven't seen the old version, I'm intrigued, wanna see it) the spoiled rich man who face the choice between Money or Love.
Russell Brand is BRILLIANT!! I mean I can't think of anyone else to play this rule!! I remember seeing this actor in small roles here and there in different movies and I never saw how big his future will turn out to be. He's super super funny!!!
Helen Mirren is so sweet in this film. I love her, she's amazing.
The whole movie is really good. It made me smile, laugh, giggle hehehee and tear up a little bit. Yes, it's a kinda of a cliché story but it's so funny and dreamy like a modern Fairytale. It has some super cool scenes. I mean if you were that RICH, won't you buy the Batmobile hehehehe if you said no, you're just fooling yourself hehehehe.
What else to say about this movie, hmm I just liked how sincere it felt to me. I know these things never happen in real life, but when you see that glimmering eyes that filled with love (Russell weird as he is, he's really good hehehe) you can't help but feel happy and hopeful. It's also amusing to see all those rich craziness scenes hehehehe.  I loved it when he clsed Central Park for Naomi (Greta Gerwig).
I want someone like that *sigh* not rich I mean, that's too much to ask hehehe but someone who will do something special, just foe me <3  

~ Can't Buy You with Money!

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