Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens

So, you read this title and you say hmmmm interesting! This gonna be fun!! And add Steven Spielberg as the producer hmmm Awesome??

No!! Do not be fooled by the coolness and awesomness of this concept!! The movie is so lame I was about to leave the theater!! And believe me, I see everything so it means, the movie is LAME!!!

The movie was slow and predictive and super boring!! I mean come on!!! The idea is amazing! I mean who thought that cowboys fought Aliens!! Why do you have to ruin it!! I myself doubted the film but thought, have some faith girl! It could be great!! But I should’ve listened to the sound in my head!! The critic voice and go to another movie!!

I really didn’t like a lot of things in the movie, even though it had some good prospect!! *sigh*

What I hated the most was Abigail Spencer :/ OMG!! The lameness of her acting!! I was happy she died!! Don’t worry, I think it’s better that I spoil it for you than you go and actually see it!! Ah!! Also the awesome <3 Daniel Craig wasn’t that good as well *weep*. He looked sad old, not sexy old like George Clooney!!

Anyhowz it was boring and lame and I’m disappointed! And I say to you, dear reader, don’t waste your time by seeing it!!

Oh!! One question before I leave you! Why do Aliens always look ugly and monstrous? (especially in Spielberg films!!) I mean if they had super intelligence shouldn’t they have super cuteness??

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