Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie Review: X-Men - First Class

Oh, how I love my Marvel movies!! They are just getting better and better!! :D

For some weird messed up reason, I wasn’t a big fan of X-Men in the past (I know, crazy!!)  But after I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I became a HUGE FAN!!! The way the special effects became way more evolved makes it so much better and way more believable!!

It’s so interesting to learn the history of characters you love and the story behind their actions. These prequel movies put all the puzzle pieces together and everything starts to make sense!! It’s very hard to develop a character because you need to be very specific in its history and this movie, for me, nailed it!!

It was such a fun movie! The way Professor X and Magneto met and how they went to find other mutants. It reminded me of Ocean 11 hehehe. I’m so happy Hugh Jackman appeared in a tiny scene! Made me smile :D <3 <3

The movie is one of the best X-Men movies, loved the special effects. It wasn’t too much for that era. It was pure fun sci-fi, but not over the top!

I thought James McAvoy was brilliant too!!!

I know I’m not my bubbly self in this review, and please reader don’t take it as a sign the movie wasn’t good. It was great, but my brain feels tired these days.

I’ll make sure the party in my brain starts up again :p and in the meanwhile, go watch X-MEN!!!

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