Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Movie Review: Hocus Pocus

I end my Halloween theme reviews with Disney’s classic Hocus Pocus!! The movie is about the ugly three sister witches who eat kids to be young and beautiful! It’s such a classic story and the perfect ending for Halloween!!

The story of the Sanderson witches, Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy) and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) who were resurrected after being burned to death 300 hundred years ago. The kids who brought them back to life try their best to fight the witches and save the children of Salem!

The movie brings the spirit of the 90s and especially the golden years of Disney movies!! It’s the type of movies I grew up watching so I loved it! Such a trip down memory lane! It’s short, fun and super funny! A great relaxing movie and perfect for family movie night.

The witches are hilarious and Bitty, Kathy and Sarah were brilliant! I always enjoy Bitty’s performances and it was such a blast to see Sarah Jessica in a whimsical character.

This movie is a true landmark of Halloween adventurous movies! The costumes are colorful and not overly done, it’s a bit of a musical and it has all the right element of a clichéd witches stories!

It was such an awesome fun! I wasn’t bored while watching it and it made me smile! I truly enjoyed it and like I said a perfect movie to end my Halloween movie reviews weekend!

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Enjoy your day and don't forget, It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus ;)

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Movie Review: Corpse Bride

I return to the Halloween movie review with another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movie and this time it’s a musical animation and this time, it has Helena Bonham Carter in it. For me these three are the best in dark fantasies!!

It’s the story of the rehearsal-wedding day for Victor (Johnny), a son of a fish merchant who just became rich and Victoria (Emily Watson), the daughter of an aristocratic family who are totally broke.  Victor is so shy and nervous he keeps messing his vows, so after being yelled at he goes into the woods to practice and when he was saying the vows right, he was standing on a grave of a corpse bride, so after Victor finishes his vows, the Corpse Bride Emily (Helena) wakes up and tells Victor, Oh you’re my husband and takes him with her to the land of the dead hahahaha.

The story, as grim as it is, is actually funny and highly entertaining! That’s why I love Tim Burton’s movies; he always bright the bright side of darkness hehehee. It’s fun and makes you smile!

The animation is a musical, so there’s a lot of fun songs and sad ones. And lots and lots of piano playing! This is what I love about Tim’s movies. He really wakens up all your senses with the visual and audio! You can’t but feeeeel throughout the movie!

You feel sorry to the characters and want everyone to be happy in the end. It’s so charming you even would love Emily! Her story is so sad and tragic, you can’t but want her as well to be happy! But then you want Victor and Victoria to be happy together! It’s the best dark creepy yet enchanting love triangle!

I really admired Depp’s performance, even though it was just his voice, but the way he changed it and made it softer to convey Victor’s true character is brilliant!

Like Edward Scissorhands with the housewives, this movie also has, emm I don’t want to say a stereotype, but more like a social concept. The parents, how the Lord family went bust and the fish merchant is super wealthy. It shows the shift in Europe when land owners started to lose their lands and domination as the world changed.

Other thing that I noticed, which is odd yet clever; the fact that the land of the living was gray but when you went downstairs to the dead, they were all colorful! For me I think, it’s the idea how society are so dull and strict and you actually feel more alive when life is more quirky and crazy. And I do agree!

I like looking for things that are different and unique and this movie is one of them! As clichéd a love triangle can be, as novice it looks because of the new twist.

This is one perfect animation for Halloween and I highly recommend it! For more info, click here, and for the trailer, click here!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Movie Review: Edward Scissorhands

So, Halloween is this Friday and I thought why not review movies specially for it! I don’t watch scary movie, but there are still Halloween themed movies I can watch! I mean I love all dark, light and mythical creatures! So this is my time hahaha and I started with the dark comedy drama Edward Scissorhands.

Directed by my favorite genius, Tim Burton and brilliant actor, Johnny Depp, the movie is the story of Edward, a machine turned into a man who is left all alone and incomplete with scissor for hands when his inventor died before he could finish the job. He is left all alone living in a dark mansion until one day Peg (Dianne Wiest), a makeup saleswoman enter the mansion, see Edward, feel sorry for him and invite him to come live with her family. The neighborhood housewives are all intrigued by this new comer and Edward shows great talent and he becomes famous, but will his 15 minutes of fame last?

This is the first time I watch this movie and I’m happy I finally did! From the start with the main title song the movie took me by surprise and threw me right into the Halloween mood! It put me in a 90s spirit and its so charming. It made me feel sad yet hopeful. Loved it! You can listen to it here.

The movie did deliver on the comedy! The bored housewives are hilarious. I loved their scenes and the way they looked and talked and even how their houses are lined and organized. Tim really brought their stereotype to life.

The movie is from the 90s obviously and it’s clear that it didn’t have big budget for special effect, but that’s actually good! Because the weak and funny special effects, mainly on the dark mansion, added to the charm of the movie. It was like a fairytale.

The scene when Kim (Winona Ryder) who Edward love, dancing under the snow is so magical! It’s really is a sweet story that will make your heart melt for sure! And its not as dark as you’d think it is. The only “dark” aspect is how the mansion is rusty and burned out and the fact that Edward had scissor hands. The movie is worth the watch! It was nominated to an Oscar and a Golden Globe, so you know I’m right ;).

Ah, such an enchanting story! It’s the perfect movie to put me in the right mood! For more info on it and the trailer, please click here.  

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Movie Review: The A-Team

OH God. Here we go
I grew up watching the A-team TV series and when I heard back in 2010 that the movie version is coming out, I could not wait to see it. However, now I wish I didn’t. Because when I watched it in the movie theaters I screamed from the top of my lungs from shock and fear of what they did to my memories and to this day, I feel like I should have demanded a refund after the movie was finished. Away from my personal feelings the movie was horrible I mean it really was. What they were thinking when they were in post-production phase of the movie? I wish if I was there to stop this madness.

Like of the series, the movie is about 3 guys: the old wise one, John "Hannibal" Smith (Liam Nesson); the kind handsome playboy, Templeton "Face" Peck (Bradly Cooper) and the black dude, Bosco Albert (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson) who’s all about ass kicking  and fighting with Charissa Sosa (Jessica Biel). In the movie they are in Iraq and are trying to retrieve stolen U.S. Treasury plates with over 1 billion dollars in cash. The mission is a success, but they discover that there is more to those plates than they think and they all end up in jail. Then they try to seek revenge from those who betrayed them and take back the plates once again.

That all what you need to know about the story. It’s short simple over used by a dozen of action movies and it kills me that if someone thought this plot is new or original.

When I 1st heard that Liam Nesson was in the movie, I knew instantly that someone will be kidnapped even if it was him. I am sure when Liam’s agent brings him scripts to read he makes sure that someone will be kidnapped so Liam can feel he is in the zone. Bradly Cooper, you should be ashamed of yourself for participating in this low commercial movie . We,  the people, expect you to make better life choices and as for Rampage Jackson big mistake when you left the UFC to become an actor. You can’t act you sir are insult to Mr.T you destroyed the legacy of the character and we all pity the fool who decided to cast you in this role. Jessica we love you but you left no choice. I watched you in this movie at your worst behavior and your character was so mundane and forgetful. I wish if I saw Justin Timberlake reaction after witnessing his wife performance in this horrible movie. 

If you decided to watch the movie please don’t schedule and make an effort to watch it. Just watch it like whenever you are free and have nothing to do, so you can appreciate the value of time .

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