Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Review: The Three Musketeers

OMG!! I had like 3 dreams last night of awesome exciting fight scenes then I woke up and went to see the new Three Musketeers movie!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!! (It turned kinda bad when I couldn't find any decent shoes in my size but that's for another blog!)
So, so, so, so !!! Where to start!! It was so exciting and had amazing new twist in it!!! The fight scenes, oh GOD!!!! It was ART!!!! I was so blown away!!!
It was like Pirates of the Caribbean kind of awesomeness!!!
*deep breath* I'll focus and explain everything. The story is a story we grow up hearing about. The Three Musketeers are like super heroes from the old ages to us! I mean who hasn't heard of "all for one and one for all"!!! We all dreamed that we were one of them one day and if you didn't, reader after seeing this version of the story you will!!
Couple of years ago I read "The Man in the Iron Mask" and discovered it was book 3 from the Musketeers series. Everyone were so old hehehe. But reading that book made me feel more attached to them!
This movie however made me fell in love with the Musketeers' life!! The way the movie was filmed was beautiful!! It was BRILLIANT!! They created a gorgeous old Paris <3. It was so pretty!! I loved also how bright, shiny and cute everything looked like!! They made me feel like it was just another normal sunny day in Paris!
I loved, loved how they dressed. It was made in a very very professional style. It was amazing! You can see all the details and the colors were so clear!! I bet they're gonna nominate the film for the Oscars because of this.
I also loved how they recreated and tweaked the story and made it bigger, bolder and AWESOMER!!! You seriously have to go see the film to understand my ongoing gibberish!! I don't want to spoil it for you!
I didn't see the trailer or any of the movie's picture and thought it will be lame. I so love it when I get taken by surprise like this!! I really recommend not watching trailers anymore and just take the risk in seeing a movie and you'll find something as awesome as this and you'll be all smily :D!!
Ok, let start talking about the hot Musketeers and their even hotter enemy (Lord Buckingham not the Cardinal :p) D'Artagnan he's so cute, wanting to just go fight and foolishly brave. Logan Lerman was so natural in his acting that you actually admired D'Artagnan foolishness hehehehe.  Then you have the Three original Musketeers, Porthos, Athos and Aramis ooooh, they are so cute!! All Of them, they're fighting scenes were so WICKED, I was like :O!! And let's not talk about Orlando Bloom, oh, oh, oh, he was sooooo GOOD!!!! I love his evilness!!!! Normally, he is the brave good kind of a character, but in this movie, he nailed the anti-hero role!!
It was brilliant, funny, exciting, enjoyable and so much more!! I haven't seen a movie like this for some time now and I'm so happy. I'm high on my happiness haha!!
I am so going to buy the DVD!!

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