Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Review: Peter Pan

Today I felt like I needed something to remind me of the magic within me. Something to make me remember the way back to dreamland. I thought a movie might do that and what best kind of magical movies but the kind made by Disney. Even though Disney has its faults, it introduced us to a whole new magical world. For instance, Peter Pan for me is one of the best classics that talks about magic and legends.
When I played the DVD, it reminded me of my own childhood and how I wished Peter Pan visit me and make me fly to Neverland. The music made my heart tingle and the movie carries so much emotion with it. I mean it could be because I link it to my childhood and my own imagination, but I mean it's PETER PAN!! It's a story that'll always love and will make my children and grandchildren watch. It's 77 minutes of pure magic!! You have Pirates, Fairies, Flying boy, Mermaids, Red Indians and the Lost boys hehehe.
As you watch the movie you can't help but feel like you want to hug Michael (the little boy) he is so so cute!! And I really admire Windy and how she stand up for stories and her believe of Peter Pan. The movie has many classical scenes!! (my favorite is when they learn to fly and when they meet the mermaids!) The song "You can fly" is wonderful! All you need is a happy thought and a little bit of pixy dust ;). And to be honest who doesn't remember Captain Hock whenever we say Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock hehehe. Also the scene where the ship flew them back to London is so beautiful!!
The movie made me smile … If you haven't seen Peter Pan yet, you're seriously missing out a big part of your childhood <3
In the end we love this movie, because we all have our own Neverland . . .

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