Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

The movie wasn't as I expected. I thought it'll be super funny, but it was ok funny, but not LMAO kind of funny!! It felt also unusual to me. I dunno why I had that feeling but I did for some reason.
It's not a complete waste of time. It's warm, nice and cute. It did make me "hehe" in some scenes, but nothing more. I liked the ending and also the idea of the movie. It made me remember my friends.
This movie is what I call a "TV movie". If you were bored and it was aired, then watch it, other than that it's not worth it. The movie felt real in a bad movie way. I mean there are these movies that they are so authentic and real which is good, but this one was weird.
I didn't like the way it was made, I guess. I could be wrong dear reader. This could be the funniest movie ever made (though I doubt it), but it didn't do it for me.
I once heard someone compare it to the "Hangover" but that was a bad idea! To see this movie with a "Hang Over" mentality will only leads to disappointment. It's not at all the same and it should never be compared 'cause it's not fair and will get you confused.

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Movie Review: The Tourist

This is a very hard movie to review. I love it. I feel like there this word that can express my feeling to it, but I can't find it!! (Damn my week English!)
But the movie is so elegant and charming in a very exciting way!! It reminds me of old Hollywood!! The golden ages!!!
I mean you have the amazing, ravishing Angelina Jolie and the handsome super talented Johnny  Depp together in the same movie!! And not just any movie!!  A movie about falling in love in a train trip in Europe!! The movie is so hot in the most sophisticated way!!! Just to be in Venice and the scene that always makes my heart jumpy is when she opened the closet in the hotel room and find it full with classy clothes and jewelry. I want that to happen to me!! :p Angelina in this movie was such an elegant Lady!!
The thrill in the movie and the ROMANCE!! I mean I seriously believed he loved her and she loved him back!! I know movies are not real and they're just movies, but it's the beauty of the movie, the secret key to success is to make us believe deeply that this story had happened or could happen!!
"I don't regret it you know, kissing you." Oh, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny <3 <3 <3.
The movie is so flirtatious, but in the same time the character of Elise (Angelina Jolie) makes us feel compassion to her story.  The music with the piano and the violin … It's just breath taking!!
It seriously made me want to just get on a train and let life take me wherever. Though I doubt it'll be this adventurous :p!
The plot of the movie is so thrilling, mysterious, clever and really fun! I will always miss this movie and will never hesitate to see it over and over again!!
And never forget, dear reader … "He's a Tourist"

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Movie Review: Immortals

I haven't gone to a movie theater for over a month and that dear reader is very very veeeery hard for me!! Today though I went and saw Immortals!! Such a perfect movie to get back on the cinema scenes!!
It's all about Greek Mythology. You have Zues and the Gods, Temples, the Oracle and awesome magical weapons!! You know me reader, I melt on the idea of magic and history put together!!!! <3 <3
The cinematography in this movie is amaaazing!! The shades of gold and gray in the scenes are breath taken. You can't but be drawn to this world of Gods, Humans and Titans!!  
It's a movie that pumps up the adrenalin up into your heart and makes it beat with pure excitement!! The battle scenes were to die for!! Whenever The Gods descended, it was magnificent!! It was with slow motion, but I never seen anything more powerful!!! Even Theseus (the cute, Henry Cavill) was amazingly brutal!!!
There were some slow moments, but it was super fun, overwhelming and MIND BLOWING!!! The last scenes were "oh!my!god!"
The director, Tarsem Singh is a genius!!!!   I saw another movie of his, "The Fall" years ago. I need to review it soon!
But back to Greece <3!! I dunno why, but myths and magic always attract  us and this movie is a huuuuuge attraction!!! I seriously felt the need to have a sword in my hand when Theseus spoke to motivate and unite people!! The sound of shields turning to war drums was electrifying!!!!
The movie made me happy!! And always, dear reader remember to,

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movie Review: I am Number Four

Every year if you had noticed, dear reader we have one sci-fi/fantasy movie that is just pure entertainment. We had movies like "The Covenant", "Jumper" "Push" and many more.

"I am Number Four" for me is one of the best made!!! The idea is so fun and exciting!! About a cute alien (Alex Pettyfer) who lives in Earth (See Spielberg, cute aliens are good too :p). The movie is so sweet and it always gets my heart tingle!!! I have the DVD and saw it so many times already!!!

It has romance, super powers, cute couples, villains and some amaaazing fight scenes! It's a really 'feel good' kind of a movie!!!

The way it was filmed was so good. I saw it this time in HD and the colors were stunning!! Especially the fight scenes where you find the clashing of blue and red flames. It was pure visual powers!!! The way they moved and fought, you can tell, it's not HUMAN!!! It was wicked!! Ooh and when John (The main character) received his "Legacy" it was thrilling!!

What I also liked about the movie is the story of this guy who just wants to settle down and have a normal life (though I never got that cliché. I mean, hello!! You have super power!!) Anyhow, but John never said it, but you can see it in his attitude and the cutest scene when he saw where Sarah (Dianna Agron) lived. His eyes sparkled like a little child. He wanted that beautiful simple house with the cheezy kind parents. It's hard to not only change location but also names and personal history. I always get attached to movies that have genuine stories like this one.

I loved, LOVED Henry (Timothy Olyphant) in the movie. He's a true warrior <3 <3.  My favorite line was when he told John: "We don't love like humans, we love forever. We never forget". Oh, My, God!! Call me mooshy, but I can't help fell in love with this character since you seriously rarely can find like him in this planet. I'm thinking of moving to another galaxy :p seriously *sigh*.

I really wish there's a sequal!! And better yet, I wish I was a number!!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Movie Review: Inception

This is one of the hardest movies to comprehend, yet the most interesting!!
Dreams are the most intriguing and mysterious subject in this world. For me dreams were always the land where anything can happen. To be able to control dreams will be the most extraordinary thing!! But as you watch this movie and see how people can get lost in their dreams and then lost in limbo, you can understand the need for separating dreams from reality.
The movie is creative beyond believe!! It's so smart, it made me think all day to try and understand the concept. A dream within a dream within a dream. If one line was said in a vaguer manner or a scene was set in a different way, the whole movie won't be BRILLIANT!!
The way we moved from one layer of the dream to the next is just amazing!! So thrilling!! It's exciting to see how every lair is link to the other and GOD!! The set is GENIUS!! How the gravity changed and the fight scene as it happened!! AWESOME!!
I really enjoyed the performance of the cast!! You feel like they've been penetrating dreams all their lives!! Leo <3 my all-time favorite!!!! (See Blood Diamond, Catch Me if You Can and Shutter Islands … he's brilliant!! I caaaan't wait for his new movie!) he has this intense look in his eyes that make u believe his suffering and deep darkness.  
The idea of Inception is kinda scary and confusing!! To have the chance to get your mind manipulated like this and not fully aware of it is spooky!! To always have your doubts of what is real and what is a dream.
The movie gives you this dreary feeling, but you can't take your eyes away. You want to know the answer of what is real!!
For me reality and dreams are two complete different worlds, they exists and both are true.
This movie is one of the few I like to see more than once! But if you hate too dramatic, complicated films, this might not be your type ;p, but it's always fun to experience new things :D!

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Movie Review: The King's Speech

I can honestly say, I love this movie!! I know the story is amazing and very gripping. King George the VI heartwarming story with his speaking problem. But the setting and the cinematography of this movie is UNBELIEVABLE. Every time I pause the movie I feel like I'm staring at a pure artistic painting. It's amazing!!!
The movie is so so beautiful. It felt authentic with all the costumes and sitting were captivating!! The shooting angles as well were very artistic, witty and very creative!! The music is soo enchanting as well!! The movie truly is a master piece.
The story of this movie is deep and enchanting. It's full with heart and soul and it moves your emotion as the movie doesn't show you the glamorous style of royalty life, but the human and emotional side. It makes us feel closer and more attached to the movie as it show us how we all have problems in our lives and no one has pure perfect life.  
You cannot but feel the strong relationship between the King and Lionel Logue.  
I love Colin Firth acting, but in this movie particularly he just blew me away! You can feel his frustration when the words won't come out. The war speech was sooooo just… oh God, I can't express it!!
I was also surprised by Helena Bonham Carter. She wasn't in her normal crazy character (not that I hate it, I think she's brilliant!) But she was so sweet and loving.
The movie is simple, yet so mesmerizing. It will give you gosepumps. RECOMMENDED!!!  
"I have a Voice."

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