Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Review: Mr. Popper's Penguins

A story of a city guy who inherits penguins and change his life from selfishness to emm goodness. This is not a spoiler. If you can't predict the ending of this story, you have never seen a movie before! It's a story we've seen a thousand times. I can count on the top of my head almost 5 movies I've seen with the same plot. Same old same old. It's also a classis book, I believe, so if you read it, you don't need spoilers :p.
Jim Carry, *sigh* he's becoming worse, me think. I dunno, but his sense of humor looks fake to me even though I know this is his style. It's just not working anymore. I used to like it, I still love "Yes Man", but this one was too childish for me I guess.
It's a sweet movie for kids. If you have couple of those, take them for this movie. It has some good laughs and the penguins are so so cute. They outshined Mr. Carry. A good movie for family night too, so you can wait till you'll be able to rent it. You're not missing much.
Over and out ;)
P. S: Capitan America wasn't released here this week and it won't be next week!! Even the Smurf will be late here to us :'(!!! I can't believe this!! It's not good for blog business, but they are on my watchlist and it should be on yours as well!! I'm dying internally from this!!!

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