Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movie Review: The Croods

Ok! So after restarting my seat TV thingie three times in the plane, I managed to search for a good movie that I have missed in theaters or a fun classic. I found ‘The Croods’. I heard so many good things about this film and thought why not! And it was the best choice ever!!!!
So, what is it about? It’s a story of a family of cave family who lives in fear and tries to survive until the daughter, Eep (Emma Stone) meets a new stranger, Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and take the family into a whole new adventure, because as Guy says, the world was about to end and they need to follow the light.
This is for sure is on top of my favorite animations list!! Just by watching the trailer you’d know what I mean! But don’t! It’s more fun that way. The story is so creative and the scenery and setting is so beautiful.
It’s so humorous too!! I love how the creators gathered all the cavemen stereotypes and created fun and great characters. It was made in a really good and positive way!!
It’s also so so magical. It fills you with hope and dreams!! I love it! And there’s action too!! The hunting scenes are so exciting. The scene I loved the most was when Eeb tried her first shoes, hahahahahahahahahaha you have to see it to know what I’m talking about!!
I love Emma Stone and so happy she was in this movie!! She was really good as Eep and also I didn’t mind Eep’s father, Grug (Nicolas Cage). This is probably the only film I can love with Nicolas Cage in it! No offense to him, but I hate his acting!! Glade he wasn’t bad in this film or else I’d be super mad!
So, just follow the light and stop being afraid, that’s the message of this film and it was delivered in the most fun way ever!!!
You must watch this!! and OMG!! I just saw there's The Croods 2 in 2017!! *happy dance*
Till I review again!
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Ok! I love the first movie so so so so so so so very much!! Whenever I feel bad or bored, Despicable Me is the movie to watch and now there’s a sequel!! Yaaaaaay! If you didn’t see the first one, GO WATCH IT!!!!

This is a must see animation!! It’s a classic!! I mean the yellow minions became a huge phenomenon after the first movie!! 

Two things in this film that will kill me with cuteness, the yellow hilarious super awesome minions (hahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha) and Agnes (Elsie Fisher)!!! The unicorn cuty girl!! I love it!!

So Gru (Steve Carell) is back with the girls to have a new adventure but this time, they’re fighting villains with Agent Lucy (Kristen Wiig).  Cool evil gadgets and funny funny scenes!! Loved it! It made me feel good!! 

Don’t miss this FUUUUN film!! It’s amazing and made me laugh so hard!! I love it!! I’m so happy I wasn’t disappointed in the sequel. You know me; I always worry about these things!! 

Well, till the next one!
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Ok, so you have alien attack and big awesome giant alien killing robots! What else do you want?? It’s true that it’s the same ‘OMG the world is ending’ story, but that’s not why we go watch these films, we watch them for the fight scenes, for the bump of adrenaline caused by all the awesomeness and of course a rocking soundtrack!

So, aliens crept out of a portal deep in the Pacific oceans, and to fight them, the humans built humungous robots that are run by two pilots each to defend Earth. To close the portal once and for all a retired fighter gathered all the Jaegers and their pilots for one final mission.

What is impressive about these robots was they use martial art compact style more than relying only on weapons, which gave us the viewers killer awesome scenes. I love the robots and their names. I mean one is called, Gipsy Danger. How cool is that!! Also I loved how simply evolved the technology is in this movie. I mean it’s set in 2020, which is 7 years from now, so we won’t be having cars that flies yet. Even though the robots can only be moved by two humans who will mentally connect through a drifting device. Yes, that’s so evolved, but it was done in a very subtle way that didn’t look over the top or too fake. It’s a real cool sci-fi idea!

Other than the fight scenes that got me on the edge of my seat, something else would make me want to watch this film again, Charlie Day as Dr. Newton Geiszler. He was crazy hilarious!!! A great casting choice! Not like some others, Rinko Kikuchi in her performance as Mako Mori. With all due respect, she was irritating!! I hate it when someone force the sadness out of them! Like, ‘I’m a hurt character, feel sorry for me’ bleeeh!!

So, yes it’s a clich├ęd idea with predictable twists, but it’s an awesome, funny and fun summer movie! You won’t regret watching this on the big screen!! It’s a make you feel good kind of movie! So go enjoy it, summer season is almost over!!

Next review, Despicable Me 2!
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