Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 4

Ok, so to tell the truth for years now I’ve been hating Tom Cruise. For some reason I just couldn’t stand seeing him on the big screen. I feel like he went weird crazy and I know many of you readers agree with me. But he is improving!! I thought of that when I saw “Knight & Day”, but now I’m sure of it after seeing Mission Impossible 4!!

Mission Impossible is timeless! I grew up with this movie and its sequels. The first one kinda baffled me, I think because I was too young, haha! But it’s the Original one! You can never deny the way Tom’s actiony flying move in that white room changed action movies history!! I can’t describe it in a better way, but to MI fans, you’ll know what I’m talking about :p. The second part will always be my favorite!! I mean the first scene with Tom on the mountains is just OMG!! I loved how it’s all about a virus and its cure as well. It was really amazing!! The third one was a complete and utter DISASTER!!!! I still don’t understand its plot and I don’t think I will ever do !! It came out in the crazy period of Tom Cruise haha! So that’s explains it!

So now to MI4!! It was so FUN!!! The plot was back to being simple, yet very very exciting!! And it was humorous as well! From Russia to Dubai to India, it was ACTION PACKED!!! I really enjoyed it and loved it!! The scenes were really cool and as always, you have the “good” crazy Ethan Hunts moves with climbing Burj Khalifa!! That scene was soooo thrilling!! It even scared me!! Haha!!

I seriously loved it! Especially when they went to Dubai! It was so fun seeing a neighboring city (especially an Arab one) in a movie as fun as this! And the most exciting part was in it!! I don’t wanna say much more so I won’t spoil it for you, reader, but still, so proud of DUBAI!!! :D

I love the rest of the cast as well, they weren’t the original cast, but they were perfect!!

So this is a MUST SEE MOVIE!! And since we’re gonna head to a boring slow period of movies, you should take the time to see this one!!

And Tom, Please keep up the good work!!!!!

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