Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

The much anticipated movie of this season. Based on the best seller trilogy, The Hunger Games broke records on its opening weekend in USA. I didn’t know about the books, since I haven’t been in a book store for a very long time! But when I saw the movie buzz on TV and online I was slightly curious to read the books and had them in my Amazon cart. After seeing the movie, I will definitely BUY it!!

The movie was AMAZING! Very intense and entertaining! It was slow at first, but then when I get the hang of the story line and setting; it was just a rush of thrilling scenes. I can see there’s a lot of details we need to know are in the book, that’s why I’m excited to be a new fan of this trilogy!!
I liked the concept of the movie, survival of the fittest and all. It’s amazing how people act when they face death! Their true nature appears and it’s sometimes predictable, but can also be shocking. The movie was slightly slow like I said, but it made me believe the game was happening for real. The movie was more drama than action, but in a good way!
I don’t want to talk about the plot a lot, but the main idea is get kids from different districts (the movie is set in a different world), throw them in a forest and let them kill each other; only one can survive. This concept is kinda old, but what I liked is how the writer made a TV show around it. It’s just a reflection of today’s world, on how to survive based on rating and people’s love. True, no one is killing each other in reality shows (even though most of the time they try) it’s just the same concept; let everyone fight and back stab each other for people’s entertainment.
A line I liked that was said in the movie was, “I don’t wanna lose myself in this game”. It says a lot!
There were signs in the last couple of scenes of the movie about part too, and I searched for it, so “Catching Fire” will be released in 2013!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
The movie is fun and you should go and cheer for your favorite in Hunger Games ;)

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  1. The film doesn’t really get going until they actually do get to The Hunger Games, but when it does get started up its entertaining, tense, unpredictable, and very well executed from Gary Ross. I also couldn't believe that this was his 3rd film after other flicks such as Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, which are both good but are different from this one. Still though, great jobs from everybody involved and I cannot wait for the sequel. Good review.

  2. Just exactly what I thought of the movie! I'm so cheating and reading the books first :p can't wait for next year hehe.

    Thanks for the comment!!