Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

This is a “make me happy” kind of a movie!! Whenever I get gloomy nothing like a dose of Robert Downey Jr. in his role of Sherlock Holmes can make me feel better!!! I love how Guy Ritchie (Director) reinvented the whole concept of this genius detective. I mean we always saw Sherlock as this poised wise man, who walks with confidant, but in this movie he is a badass obsessive crazy genius who blows our minds!!! And also Dr. Watson, played by the hot Jude Law, the character we’re used to see as this fat shorty guy has turned to this attractive former warrior! This is by far my favorite version of this timeless legend.
There are two movies so far of my favorite version and this week the second part of this movie was released and to prepare myself I, yesterday, watched the first one which was released back in 2009 and I felt like I was watching it for the first time!! So exciting!!! First I can’t express on the brilliance of the sound track. I mean talk about original!!! I loved it; it gets you in the mood and also gives the movie its own soul.  
The movie is full with action, wittiness and OMG scenes!!! The slow motioned scenes are so intense and dazzling! I mean the artistic value of it is just wowz! I’ve seen the movie more than once and it still grab my utmost attention. The cinematography, the sitting, the wardrobe and the characters, everything was perfect!!! Sensational and as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes!!!
Moving on to part two; I was so afraid and worried it won’t be as awesome as the first one! I love it when a movie proves me wrong!!! It was so so so AWESOME!!! It has all the brilliant elements of the first movie and added more action, more characters and more awesomeness to the plot!!! They moved to Paris and Switzerland, where the most amazing scenery of the whole movie was!!!
I love the way the whole story was recreated and reintroduced to us in this most innovative way! I mean having a mind like Sherlock must’ve had an effect on his character. The way he looks at the details and the way he talks, I think this movie completely nailed it!! I also love the relationship between Holmes and Watson!! They’re like brothers!!
This will always be on my favorite list. It’s such a GENIUS MOVIE!!
I love this movie and its sequel!! I can’t say more!! Just amazing! It will make you laugh, cry, jump with excitement and the itch you want to go and solve a case hahaha!!
I’m writing this review as I listen to the sound track! Hans Zimmer is brilliant!!
I wanna go see it again!!!! If you haven’t yet … GO and ENJOY!!!
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