Sunday, March 11, 2012

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Hehehehehe this is a funny movie!!! If you're bored and looking for a movie to zombie out in front of the TV and just relax, this is a good movie to watch! It made me chuckle and lifted up my mood :D
I always thought Charlie Day is super funny since I first saw him in “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” hehehe. He was soo cute when he said "I always dreamed to become a husband". Jennifer Aniston was good as the evil character.

The story mainly is 3 friends who have horrible bosses (daah) then they decide to kill them and with that their funny journey begins :p.
I recommend this movie to anyone who's bored and want to laugh.
Caution: You might not like this movie, since some people thought it was lame.

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