Friday, March 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Iron Lady

The story of the only female Prime Minister in Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher and the rule that gave Meyrl Streep her third Oscar!
I love it!! It’s a story we all need to learn. In this movie we meet Margaret (Meyrl Streep) in her late years, and through her memories, we have a taste who she was; an interesting and intriguing taste that makes us want to know more about her intimate life and how she changed the history of Great Britain and how she became ‘The Iron Lady’.
The young generations in these days need a strong role model to inspire them and this is a great movie to be inspired by. One of the lines I loved in this movie was when Margaret said, “One’s life must matter.” A lot can be taken from this line. In these days even in small matters we need to stop being talkers (mostly, whiners) and start to become doers!! It wasn’t easy to be the only female Prime Minister in the country’s history, but Margaret Thatcher exceeded expectations, because she ‘Do’.
I’m totally curious now to know more about Margaret and after I write this review I will try and do some research on her.
To move away from the story line and to talk more about the making of the movie, I feel it will definitely become a Classic! Meyrl Streep was nothing, but perfect in her role and really looked the part. She was completely transformed. No wonder the movie received another Oscar for Best Makeup. It was flawless.  
What I loved as well in this movie (and most biography based movies, I think) is how they show us the human sides of these characters. What I mean is, in this movie we have a sense of her personal relationships with her husband, children and those who were around her; something we can’t read in Wikipedia.
Also, they say the success of a movie is in the details and in ‘The Iron Lady’ we can see a close attention to details in the way the camera moved with Meyrl to capture every small movement Margaret did; from the close ups to her shoes as she walked through the crowds of men, the accessories on her hand as she tapped military charts to the tucking of her handbag under her chair in the Parliament.
The movie was just brilliant!!! And yes, it’s a Classic!!

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