Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Review: HOP


Hahahaha this is such a cute cute movie!! I mean it’s a movie about talking bunnies!!! I wished I could hug EP when he said “I’m a bunny and I’m sexy”!! I mean how cute is that!!
And also the colors of the candy  factory is so refreshing!! The movie is not just a movie for kids, anyone can enjoy it. It’s so fun and super cute!! I know I said “cute” a lot but I’ve been saying “awwwww” from the first scene haha!! It’s funny also and has some action with the pink bunnies (they have a name, but I don’t know the spelling :p)
You should see this movie! It’ll make you want a bunny and also want some CANDY!!!
If I wanna say one bad thing about the movie is how the evil chick has a Spanish accent and that is so clichéd to have the factory manager called Carlos and also kind of a stereotyping, but that lead us to a whole different blog :p

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