Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movie Reviews: Limitless

Imagine if there’s a pill that makes you 10x smarter, would you not kill to get it? That what happened in this movie as one transparent tiny pill fell into the hands of a failed writer. Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) in less than two months with the help of these pills became one of the most successful men in Wall Street. Everything was clear and focused in his mind and before he knew it, he was on top of the world. But, this is life, nothing comes easily to anyone. There is always a price to pay or at least a small slap on the face and that was the start of the most intense nerve ricking scenes where I was shouting on the screen “Just TAKE THE PILL!!!!”

At first I felt the movie was slow, but then as I was closer to the climax, I kept peeking on the time hoping it won’t end soon, because I wanted to know more. I had all these questions in my mind, who made the pills? Who else took it? Who’s that creepy dude in the background??? All those questions were answered and that made me love this movie even more.

To talk about Bradley Cooper, Bradley is not just the hottest actors alive, but he’s also improving. I loved to see how he didn’t only get into his character, but also evolve as Eddie did and you can notice that throughout the movie. From being shy and weird to the most charming successful man!

Another element of this movie which I thought was fun was the fact that the cinematography of the movie shifts; the scenes were bright and colorful when Eddie took the pills then they were gray and dull when he was off. It made me as a viewer feel like I, myself was taking the pills.

Even though the movie gripped my attention, I was a little disappointed by some stuff, like I mentioned before the beginning was slow, but I forgave that when I get deeper into the movie. But the most thing that annoyed me (and it’s the same with many other movies) there are missing scenes which I saw in the trailer!! Yes, I’ve seen it, but I like to see how it blends in the story.

Other than that, it’s a really smart, fun, very intense and exciting movie. It is the kind of movies that makes you think, “What will happen next?”

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