Saturday, July 9, 2011

Movie Review: The Mummy - The Mummy Returns

AND I LOVE IT!!  My ultimate favorite movies is The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (1999&2001). I mean I LOVE these two movies. They have it all; great story, awesome cute handsome cast (who can actually act!! hehehe) and the thing I look for the most in movies: MAGIC!!!
I mean everything in the movie just scream with ancientness and enchantments. The use of the ancient history of Egypt in this movie is so captivating. After 3000 years, the Egyptian curses still amaze and wow us.
I'm a history geek! I love the ancient civilization; Greece, Rome, Babylon and the most mysterious Ancient Egypt.
The movie has well done visual effects and the music is just aaah, brilliant!! I mean the melodies hook us and fill you up with all this ancient and captivating emotions.
I love also the Romance in the movie, it adds to the beauty of the movie. I mean talk about true love and fairy tales.
O_O << this is how I will look at you if I found out that you have never seen these movies!! SEE THEM!!! They're AMAZING. A song I love, click here!
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