Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movie Review: Notorious

These days I'm in the mood for some classics. I can't help being drawn to them. They have this charming allure about them that steal your heart away.
One of them, which I shall call it from now own a "favorite", a movie by the amazing, Alfred Hitchcock, Notorious. OMG, it felt like something filmed in these days not made over than 70 years ago.
It's so thrill, so intense and so very artistic!! The story of the daughter of a German spy, (Ingrid Bergman) who will be asked by an American agent (Cary Grant) to become an informant. You know, spy movies and their plots. This movie however was fascinating! Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman were astonishing! I loved the romance, the emotions in this film and I was so tensed up, wanting to know what'll happen next!
This is the first time I watched a Hitchcock movie and believe me when I say he's a genius! Absolutely brilliant!! I loved this movie and I'm the girl who lived to see Avatar!! I'm not saying everyone is blue in the movie, quite the contrary; it's in black and white. What I mean is it's just timeless!! The dialogue, the directing, the acting, the sceneries are just perfect!!
It's like admiring a Roman sculpture; it still capture our minds and souls even though it's been around for many many years!! 

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