Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie Review: Transformers 3

Finally I had the time to go to the movies!! It's like I'm alive again <3!!!
When I was in Transformers 3, I was a little bored at first, but then I was blown away!!! So when you are in the theater don't leave your seat and just wait! The movie last two hours and a half, but it's good, if they rushed the story it'll feel weird. The battle scenes  in the end are amazing. The whole visual effects are sooo cool!! The last half hour was worth it!! I cried couple of times. I even wanted to hug Optimus Prime, hehehe.  
The Autobots are so amazing! I love Optimus Prime; his voice is so majestic and all of them stand for freedom and loyalty, something that people really need to learn. The Autobots have this old warriors' air in them. Can they be turned to people, please ;p?
Also, what I liked about the movie is some unexpected turn outs. It so beats the second one, but the first one is the best without a doubt.  
When I read on IMDB about Shia LaBeouf leaving the movie, I felt sad, but now as I saw him in the third part I saw the need for a new story and new characters. He wasn't funny anymore. The Autobots and the Decepticons are timeless characters who will always be loved by us, but the plot needs something or rather someone new.
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