Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Movie Review: Cars 2

This sequel of Cars is so fun!! Its action packed!! I mean; spies, world touring, weapons and so much more!! It was so interesting to see how the human spying ways turned to cars', hehehe.
The scenery in the movie looked real!! The place I loved the most was the race in Italy <3. The whole movie was done in a professional and creative way which was awesome and the plot is more complex than the first movie, which I loved!!
Mater was super super funny, I mean LOL!! He's so adorable!! And I loved how in this movie he was more involved. He makes you wish you got a best friend like him.
I'm trying to express my enjoyment about the movie without having to spoil anything, hehe.
What I can say is: it beats the first movie! The kids will defiantly enjoy it and the parents won't be bored at all by it ;)
Beware of the Pistachio ice-cream, haha!!! 
P.S: The3D cut didn't give me a headache, so if you shouldn't hesitate in seeing cars 2 in 3D ;). 3D is always better with animation!


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