Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Movie Review: From Time to Time

As I finally got the time to relax and watch some of my new DVDs, I saw one I bought couple of weeks ago. I know we're not supposed to judge the book by its cover, but who are we kidding?? We always do that! Anyhow, the movie is "From Time to Time".
The movie sets its events in 1944, in the end of World War II, when a British young boy moves to live with his grandmother. His heart is full with worry about his missing father, but his mind is busy with figuring the secrets of the house.
The movie is sweet and it’s a nice bedtime movie; not a lot of action and not much of a romance, but still nice and interesting. It's a movie to see when you're just relaxing.
I got the movie as a DVD and I'm glad it wasn't released on theater, I wouldn't like it much. Not a good movie to see with friends or when you want to see something blow up.
Not much to say about it.


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