Monday, July 11, 2011

Movie Review: Robin Hood

Many weeks ago I've bought Robin Hood's DVD, director's cut, but I didn't have the time to watch it till now. I've been dying to since I saw the movie in theater and I was hooked.
I love history as I said in older posts and my favorites are myths and legends. Those stories that we can never be sure they happened. I think that give them a bite of mystery and magic ;).
Anyhow, who doesn't know about the legend of Robin Hood? I mean same old story, but in this movie we are shown the past and how Robin Longstride became the "Robin Hood".  The movie has a sense of reality in them (I guess I feel that because the only other version was the Disney one :p with the animals).
The movie is epic and it had a sense of humor; a good combination. It should defiantly be a Classic! I LOVE this movie and yes, I know I love a lot of movies, but this one is for those who enjoy heroism, romance, epic, battles, fighting for a cause, actions and of course, the touch of destiny.

I can't also talk about this movie without talking about the amazing, Cate Blanchett. Her acting is one of my favorites. In this movie she really caught the essence of her character, Lady Marion. She was spontaneous in her acting and very very believable. She's one of those actors that I wish I could write a part for her and maybe I will one day.
Russell Crowe <3 I don't think it'll be fair for me to write a review about him while little hearts floats around my head as I write this post, hehehe. But *waving the hearts away* Russell Crowe is perfect for these kind of roles. I knew that since I saw him in Gladiator. His voice, his eyes and the way he moves are just the right elements for a true warrior. And who knows, maybe he was one in a previous life.
I really enjoyed the movie and I will see it again! There was not one single moment of boredom. Very entertaining and full of excitement.    

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