Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie Review: Hanna

The reason why I wanted to see the movie, Hanna, was Cate Blanchett; she is just amazing!! I mean her acting reached perfection!!!
I am biased because she's in it ;p but the movie was an average one. We laughed a little bit and I liked how Saoirse Ronan acted. She has a bright future!
But it was predictable and the story repeated.  The story of Hanna who was trained to kill is a story we've seen before, like in Salt. The best scene I've seen was in the trailer. That’s why I hate trailers!! They ruin the movie.
The story and the mystery of Hanna wasn't explained in a good way, I mean we knew it all by the first half an hour and some of the fight scenes seemed fake.
What I really hated about the movie was Tom Hollander, I mean he's great normally, but this time couldn't capture the personality of the psycho.
It was fun, but I won't buy the DVD, so here you go :p.

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