Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Review: Just Go With It

Not a lot of Romance Comedy movies catch my eyes, but when I see Adam Sandler I have to take a look. The movie, Just go with it is hilarious!! I mean was, LOL!!
The idea is kinda cool too; Adam playing the role of a man who lies to women by saying he's married, then just get lost in his web of lies. We all know the ending,  I mean we rarely ever get surprised by these kind of movie, but here the comedy really saves the romance. Adam Sandler is a really funny dude! He does have some bad movies, but this one is a hit.
Normally I hate the way Jinnifer Aniston acts, but she was good in this movie; relaxed and funny! She got her Friends' sense of humor back, thank God. She had some bad movies, ah!
You will LAUGH!! I guarantee it ;) it's the kind of movies you see whenever you're feeling low. It will cheer you up!!!
P.S: sorry for the short post…still recovering from the ending of Harry Potter </3

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