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Movie Review: Harry Potter

*Spoil Alert! If you haven’t seen these movies, be careful, I may reveal some of the plot's secret ;p*
Today I had the Harry Potter Marathon, preparing myself for the last movie on Thursday. Harry Potter for me is my obsession!!!! I looooooooooooove harry potter books and movies!!!  I'm a huge Harry Potter Geek, haha!!! :D!!! I mean the story is pure puuuure MAGIC!!!!! I got the chill when I hear the line "The Boy Who Lived"!! The details in the books are amazing, I always go on and on about the genuineness of the plot! From the first book to the last everything is connected. I think it's why these books and movies are loved all around the world, it because it sounds real! I like to think it's real and my letter just got lost in the mail :p or the owl died or something haha! Told you, huge Geek :p.
 Anyhow this blog is about movies, so I'll try my best to focus on the Harry Potter movies and for that let's start with the Sorcerer's Stone ;)

It's the beginning of all the Magic! We like Harry are introduced to Magic, Hogwarts, spells and the best of all Quidditch :D. Also we meet the rest of the characters, who will be eternal!!! We feel slightly awkward, like we're a first year students too, which is good, because we put ourselves in Harry, Ron and Hermione's shoes.
Also it's awesome too to see all the things we read about in the book come to life. The special effects weren't high quality, but I guess that's because it's the first movie and the people making it didn’t know whether it'll be a hit or not.
Still, Magic and a MUST SEE!!!!!
The Chamber of Secrets,

Here, we feel more comfortable about being in Hogwarts. We feel the happiness of being there. The actors are more into the character than in the first movie and the special effects are definitely better.
I love all the new spells we see. Loved the Dueling Club!!!! I also loved the Barrow!! So sweet and cute!! I'm happy they really recreated the book in an awesome way! I also LOVE Dobby!!!! He's sooooo adorable!!!
It's so fun to see the adventure of the three friends who will always be in our hearts and memories.  Also we can never forget Richard Harris (Professor Dumbledore) even though it was his last movie, whenever I read Dumbledore's line in the books, I always hear his voice.
So, do I need to tell you, you need to see it :p?
The Prisoner of Azkaban,

This is my favorite!!!! The kids are all grown up and we meet Sirius Black and Professor Lupin!!!!  And Buckbeak!!! I love him!! I want one hehehehe!!! Loved the scene when Harry rode it, very magical <3!! And Harry gets the second awesome magical item (after the invisibility cloak) the marauders map and the Time Turner!!!
This part has better, way much better special effects and I loved the new changes in Hogwarts. The plot has become bigger, darker and more complicated. It's the start of the real action!!! :D!!
The way this movie was made in somehow an artistic way. It also make you feel the story is real, more than the previous ones. I think because the actors had become more spontaneous and relax in their own skin. I also like the Omen of Death and the dark air in this part; make the movie less childish I guess.  
The movie is so magical, colorful, exciting and super amazing!!!
SEE IT!!! ;p
The Goblet of Fire,

Action packed!!!! The Quidditch world cup is EXCITING!!! And the triwizard tournament is so so WICKED!!! I mean dragons, mermaids, foreign cute wizards and witches and of course the climax of the movie the return of You Know Who!!!!
There are a lot of things happening in this part, even more in the book. The fourth book is double the size of the first three, so I finally accepted the fact that many details were missed in the movie.
But this is one of the best parts because it keeps you on edge. Many things happening, happy, funny, sad, scary and all kinds of emotions!!!
The more we get into the story of harry potter the more magic we're exposed to and in the all of that was captured in the movies. I so loved them!!!! :D!!!
The thing about Harry Potter books and movies is something I can't really explain. It makes you get deep into the story and make you feel it's the only real thing and everything around you is magical. It enchants you in a weird amazing way.
The Order of the Phoenix,

This is the first harry potter book I read from the entire serious and by far my favorite!!! After Deathly hallows of course ;). The tricky thing is that the books are getting a lot bigger but the movies can't be any longer, so many cool details were missed in this part. I'm a huge harry potter geek of course so I was sad about that. I want to see everything!!!
But there's still a lot of awesome scenes and fun in this part! Lots of new characters and the cast of the movie really make you feel the fear they have and the suffering that awaits them. The war has started and the Order is at work!! I loved the ministry!! Really looks like what the ministry of magic should look like.
The new school year in Hogwarts is a lot of fun! It's even more fun in the book, but in the movie we have the hilarious Dolores Umbridge, Dumbledore's army and the department of mysterious!!! Helena Bonham Carter was genius as Bellatrix Lestrange!! Loved her act.
Even though a lot of awesome scene was missed in the movie, many others are filmed in an amazing way! The battle scene in the end is so COOL and Sirius death was heartbreaking </3!!!!

The Half-Blood Prince,

This movie was such a disappointment. They didn't film Dumbledore's funeral!!! It hurt my feeling! Dumbledore is someone we love and care about, we cried when we read his death scene and I wanted to attend his funeral. Harry Potter's characters for me and I'm sure for most of the readers are part of their lives. I was and still very angry that that scene wasn't in the movie!
In the end as well before his death there was supposed to be a cool fighting scene and it was so lame in the movie!! Aah!! You can tell this is my least part of the whole serious. Not the book though…loved that one!!!  Good thing they filmed the Quidditch matches!
I read once that the economic depression that hit the world couple of years ago was the reason that this part wasn't as good as the others, but I dunno.  
I think the movie looked like a teenage movie with some action. Daniel Radcliffe wasn't that good too. He somehow stepped out of the Harry Potter character. The real Harry Potter (yes, I call him the real one :p) in the book has more life in him. And don't get me start talking about Bonnie Wright who was supposed to be playing Ginny Weasley, but real Ginny is so much cooler, funnier and deep. Bonnie looked off to me, didn't get her role right. I even liked the Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets more the one in this part.
The rest of the actors for me were amazing in their performance! Tom Felton was brilliant as Draco. You can feel the conflict inside his head and the hard job he has to finish.
The movie is fun to watch as well. A little bite charming, funny too.  I cried in the end, I couldn't help it!
The Deathly Hallows, Part 1,

This part is amazing, amazing, amaaaaaZing!!!! I loved it from the beginning till the end. When it came out my imagination was suffering from the stress of school but when I saw Deathly Hallows, it sorta woke up!! All my senses were alerted and the love of magic was regained!! So this movie has a special emotional value to me <3  
Emma Watson's acting was mesmerizing. She really captivated me with the way she was very believable.  The way Hermione wiped the memory of her parents just broke my heart and you can feel the pain in her eyes; very genuine and sincere. Dobby too was so cute and it killed me to see him die!!
The wedding was sweet <3 cool happy moment before the last war.
The effects are amazingand the movie got back to its artistic form.
I really can't express my emotions and love of this part. It's just MAGIC!!!!! The Ultimate Magic!!!
It’s  4 am here and first thing in the morning I'll get the tickets to Part 2!!!!!!!
Harry Potter and his magical world will always live in our hearts, minds and dreams <3

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