Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie Review: The Purge

Ok, I’m not a horror fan and this is something I keep on saying in the blog, so when The Purge was released in cinemas I said, nope, not gonna watch it. Then one day I was suppose to go write in my room when I passed by the TV and the Purge was just starting. I was like, hmm, it’s still the afternoon, you can watch this. Because I am interested in the story, but I was too scared. So, I watched it and it’s not scary and its actually entertaining and fun thrilling.

The story is that one day a year for 12 hours, all emergency services shut down (police, hospitals, etc.) and you can either hide in your home all secured or go and kill whoever you want to release the anger in you. One night that allows you to do anything you want and become as dangerous as you want to be. So, the idea is people will release all their anger and bad habits that night and live by the laws peacefully throughout the rest of the year. So in this movie we follow one household who thought it was going to be a quite secure night when things just went super crazy.

The movie was fun and I liked the idea of it. The psychological aspect of releasing all that evil you’ve been piling up all year. There is no artistic point of it and it’s not a great one of a kind horror movie. No, it’s just pure entertainment!

Ethan Hawke was pretty good in it. I really enjoyed his performance. And the rest of the cast was good as well.  I’m starting to really enjoy Lena Headey who plays Cersei in Game of Thrones.  She’s pretty awesome.

There’s not a lot of things to say about this movie, but it’s good. It’s perfect for friends’ movie night. It’s exciting. It’s not long. Just good entertainment.

Sadly I saw this movie after the second movie, The Purge Anarchy was already released and removed from the cinemas so I missed it, but I’m watching it soon. It has better rating than the first one, so let’s see! 

For more info and the trailer, please click here.

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