Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Movie Review: Airplane!

Ok, so as I continue to watch classic 80s movies, I read in Twitter that this movie is one of the funniest comedies ever, so I had to watch it and it really made me laugh!

The movie is so silly, you have to laugh and I do believe they did that on purpose hahaha. It’s the story an airplane that will be in danger cause everyone who ate the fish dish got food poisoning including the pilot and co-pilot.

It’s so silly, like I said and exaggerate everything and it’s all been done in a funny way! I didn’t cry from laughter, but I was giggling and laughing through the whole movie. It’s so stupid, it’s good!

You have different kind of passengers coming in with different kind of personalities, so there is a lot going on and a lot of room to makes us laugh.

There is a lot of stereotyping in the movie, which I will forgive, cause it was the 80s and Hollywood didn’t know better. However I noticed that there was a scene deleted in the version I watched (rented from iTunes). The scene I remember seeing in a documentary, Real Bad Arabs about a comment how London is full with Arabs. They probably took it off after the documentary, which is to be noted.
I watched the movie as a fun comedy, so I didn’t go too deep into analyzing it that way.

It’s still fun and really cheered me up! So this is also a must watched 80s movie! Before you watch it, do remember that it was in 1980 and you got to be one of those who gets American humor. Sometimes a movie that makes me laugh, won't make my friend laugh and vise verse. 

For more info and the trailer, click here.

Till another movie and another review!

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