Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Movie Review: War of the Worlds

Today's review is my second review in Kemz Movies. I will try my best to nail it this time, because I wanted to review a month ago the movie "Forrest Gump" however, I was really surprised of how hard and complex it is to write about this kind of movies.

First let me introduce a movie of one of my favorite actor, Tom Cruise, and my past crush Dakota Fanning: War of the Worlds.

From the name it just gave me goose bumps. My expectations got as high as possible from the beginning of the movie. It attracts the watcher to keep moving on and forgets about time. Even though it’s 2 hours long, you wouldn't notice it, because of all the entertainment and action it delivers. I have watched it several times and each time was different. Every time I've seen it, it just pulls me more to keep going. I love this kind of movies. It keeps floating into your head after you've finished watching it.

To talk briefly on the movie’s story, aliens invade Earth, trying to destroy mankind. Their machines were buried beneath earth before we got into existing. Our hero Ray (Tom Cruise), the dad, faces true dangerous situations, trying to keep his daughter and son safe. Will he manage to protect them from aliens? Even with the machines that have invisible shells that can evade rocket launchers? I will let you find the answer when you watch the movie.

In my opinion, this movie fits well for those who loved War World Z. If you have seen this movie, you will easily demonstrate the thrill found in War of the Worlds.

Not to forget to mention the emotions and the feeling you gonna have trying to keep up with the movie. As I watched lots of movies of Tom Cruise, I could possibly say it’s the second most brilliant performance after his performance in The Last Samurai.
However, with all the entertainment and amusement I received from watching this movie. I find a little mistake took place in the movie from the beginning, casting Justin Chatwin to play the role of the son wasn’t really a good idea.

In this particular movie, the son faces tragic, frustrated situations that his facial expression should have shown the emotions he went through, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. His performance weren’t good enough for War Of The worlds. And also to find out more about his acting career, go Google his name, and see why I said it was a mistake. Still, the movie is amazing.

One more thing to clarify here, if you were one of those people who don’t enjoy sci-fi and love actors like Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee etc., then don't watch this movie. You won't find fighting scenes like the way can find in those actors typical movie.

However, again if you enjoy movies like War World Z, I would highly recommend this movie for you. For more info and the trailer, please click here.

Now, I finished my review and hope it will excite you enough to watch the movie and enjoy it!


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