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Movie Review: Labor Day

Unfortunately I’m that kind of person that doesn’t have so much time to watch movies. Or better, I usually spend most of my evening at home, but watching TV is really soporific for me.  Except when I travel.

So during one of my last flights I decided to watch Labor Day, a drama movie which I discovered later is based on the novel of the same name written by Joyce Maynard in 2009.

Protagonist of this movie is Kate Winslet who plays the role of Adele, a depressed single woman and mother of Henry (Gattlin Griffith) a 13-years-old-son. Co-protagonist is Josh Brolin, who played Frank Chambers, a convict, broke out of jail and wanted by the local police. While Adele and her son are shopping in a clothes store, a bloody Frank “asks” them to take him home and look after him. It’s the Labor Day weekend and in five days the life of Adele and Harry changes completely. Frank reveals to be an incredible man with an incredible past.
Now at this point I don’t want to reveal to you the final. I really suggest you watch the movie for this.

What I want to add is that I loved this movie because yes, it’s romantic but not in the classic way.  I loved it because it talks about love, about second opportunities in a different way. Labor Day talks about hot themes like depression and the effects of prejudices and misunderstandings. But it does that through the eyes of love, the love of a son for his mother, who always try to protect her, the love of a man who lost his better years and his freedom and the love of a woman who has been hurt and she has become the shadow of herself.

But no matter what happened, life always gives second opportunities even if not in the way we expect.

In the movie Kate Winslet is a great actress and again she played Adele's role with a strong personality and a deep impact. I didn't know Josh Brolin as an actor, but what I know is that both Kate and Josh made me forget that I was sitting on a plane while I was watching Labor Day. They were able to keep my attention from the beginning to the end of the story.

For more info and for the trailer, please click here.

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