Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Movie Review: The Lunchbox

 So, for today I wanted to review something different, other than my normal fantasy sci-fi stuff and in iTunes I found that the Lunchbox is the movie of the week! I heard really good things about it from my friends who watched it and it didn’t disappoint! Such a sweet deep and real movie! It’s enchanting, funny and the type of movies that never leave you.

The movie is set in India and it’s a story of a married woman who was trying to win back the love of her husband by making him the yummiest lunch he had, but by mistake the lunchbox was delivered to another man, who is old and bitter after losing his wife. When she discovered that the box went to the wrong person, she sends a letter to the guy in the lunchbox and he replies and with that starts an unexpected friendship between the two.

The movie just hypnotizes you into a beautiful world with amazing cinematography and colors. It shows us the smallest details we’re normally not exposed to from other cultures; like the lunchbox delivery service. It’s just men who go from home to home collect all the lunchboxes then take them to their destination. So we follow this small green box as it travels between the two.

It’s so simple, yet so deep. It shows the charming relationship growing between the two in a very charming and also funny way. It just makes you want to watch more and more of it. Not to mention as well the well structured and hooking script. It was written by the director as well, Ritesh Batra, who I had the pleasure to meet three years ago, though I doubt he’ll recall our meet hehehe.

The cast as well shined and gave great performances. I thought Nimrat Kaur is so beautiful and loved her portray of Ila (the woman who prepare the lunchbox) and of course not to forget to mention Irrfan Khan who played Saajan, the guy receiving the lunchbox.

The movie is such a beautiful melody that taps into our humanity in a sweet way. It won more than 20 international awards including Grand Golden Rail in Cannes Film Festival 2013.

The movie is what we call an “indie movie” or an Independent film, which means a movie that was produced mostly or all together outside the big and major movie studios system. Many great directors and even actors started with an indie movie and I’m planning to expand my horizon even further and review more movies from this type!  
If you know any good indie movie, please feel free to comment and mention some to us! We’d love to hear from you!

For more information and to watch the trailer, please click here.

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