Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: Daybreakers

So, I’m into a dark fantasy kind of mood, so I saw my fantasy DVD’s shelf and thought, hmm Daybreakers. Vampires suit my mood and I watched it before and liked it, so let’s watch it again to review it for the blog!

The story of how the world is ruled by Vampires, but with one big problem; humans are becoming extinct and the shortage of human blood is a worldwide crisis. Scientist Vampy Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is trying to develop a blood substitute when he encounters humans who need his help to develop a cure.

The first thing that caught my eyes in the movie was the nightlife. How people adjusted the cities and cars to suits vampires. It’s very interesting and not overly done. Like it’s only in 2019 and technology is still the same, just everything is a bit developed and works mostly at night.

The movie is thrilling. You have some creepy scenes, but it’s not action based. The story of the Vampires’ struggle and the hunt for cure are the focus.  The visuals were really good.

It’s dark and yet light in a good way. It’s a fun movie to watch, especially for Vampires fan. I really liked it. Though for me, I don’t want Vampires to rule the world, then there’s not fun underworld and you won’t feel too special when you become one!

Funny thing was, one of the scenes when the vampires are devouring a guy, one of the extras was just shaking his face from far as if he was eating the dude, but you can so tell there was a bit of a gap between his face and the dude’s arm hahaha! I think I only noticed this cause I watched it for the second time.

For more info and the trailer, click here.

You know what, now I’m thinking I wanna watch Blade!

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