Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Review: The Fall

A beautiful epic, which takes place in a “magic” land: that is The Fall! When I watched this movie the second time, I found it yet more amazing than the first! The story is of little Alexandra (Catinca Untaru) who is staying at a hospital in Los Angeles to recover from a fracture, and meets another patient: the heartbroken disabled Roy (Lee Pace). As their friendship starts, Roy tells Alexandria a story which he forms from the little people she knows.

In a deserted island, an Indian, an Italian bomb specialist, Charles Darwin with his monkey, an African slave and the Black Bandit (Roy), are exiled by the same enemy, Governor Odious, and the story begins with the revenge they seek. And a magical story it is, that revolves around Alexandria’s surroundings; where all the peoples she sees in the hospital become the heroes of her story.  Soon, as the tale grows bigger, Roy persuades Alexandria to fetch him as much morphine as she can to continue the story, where she finds it to be another adventure.

As simple the story might seem, as much great it really is. In the “more of an epic” story, great landscapes are shown. In each scene, we are travelling from one part of the world to another, around the seven wonders, and yet more. The captivating soundtrack (Krishna Levy) resembling the different parts of the world cannot but mesmerize and take you deep into the theme. Along with the exquisite cinematography (Colin Watkinson), the eyes and ears are literally indulged!

This is a powerful movie which would enchant you! It captures all the little moments of the real “current” and the told story. The customs are so charming, especially the black bandit that reminded me of Zorro and that bride dress with the crystal veil! Little Alexandria is lovely with her simple broken English and childish expressions and gestures. And Roy who is suffering from breakup and the bedsores is so dedicated in forming the story.

I would say this is one of the most amazing movies I have ever watched, I even had tears when Alexandria had! And a big smile that had not parted my face all the time!

The Fall is a drama fantasy directed by Tarsem Singh and won 3 awards. To read more and watch the trailer, click here.

This is such an enjoyable movie that would lift up your soul! Do enjoy it!

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