Monday, September 15, 2014

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

I’ve never been a fan of space sci-fi films, but the new Star Trek series is just driving me insane! The good kind hahaha. I love it so much! This one was even better than the first one. Space adventures where never been this exciting!

The story of Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) continues after Kirk is appointed the Captain of the Enterprise. A new terror arises and threaten their organization, the one that protect many planets in the galaxy. That terror is names Khan and he is played by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. 

The cast in the movie was great, but for me Benedict was the center. He is beyond brilliant! One genius actor! I can never express how amazing he is! He is my new crush! Not just ‘cause he’s super cute, but the way he acts, I mean, wow! He really makes you believe the character he plays.

The movie as well is directed by J.J. Abrams who is another great talent! I’m a huge fan of his! He’s really good at making a big movie even bigger! Can’t wait to see what he’ll do to Star Wars: Episode VII. I saw that he’s producing Star Trek 3, but sadly won’t direct it.

So, because J.J. directed this movie, expect awesome special effects, big explosions and thrilling fight scenes. The movie is so hooking and just pulls you into an amazing world! And for someone who didn’t watch the old movie, I can understand the appeal of this series by the world these characters live in and the stories they lead.

For sure Highly Recommended! This is a must watch movie for all of us sci-fi lovers and to those who want to watch something fun!

For more info and trailer, click here.  

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