Saturday, September 27, 2014

Movie Review: In Time

Imagine if time was a currency and you had to work for the extra minutes of your life and if you were rich you could live as long as you want. This is what this movie is all about! The concept is so awesome and the movie don’t disappoint as well! It’s one of my favorite Justin Timberlake movies! And it’s one that I would watch again!

The movie as I said talk about what if “time” was a currency and it’s the story of Will Salas (Timberlake) who worked everyday to get paid enough time to live extra day or two when he met a rich man, Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) who gave him enough time for him to rise up the social ladder and enter the high society of the rich. There, he met Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) and things go crazy!

I loved this movie. It’s so thrilling and the idea of how death can be so close within minutes is just intense! Even though it’s an action movie, it makes you think! How lightly we take time and keep saying, “ooh how time flies”, but imagine what you would do if you truly believed that every minute counts, literary!

The setting of the movie is awesome and the costumes is so pretty! Social classes are divided by their economic statues, so when Will moved from section to section, you can see the difference, especially when he reaches the top class. I do like it when the movie has a lot of detail! So brownie points for them on that!

Let me talk about Justin performance. He was someone I never EVER thought could act! When I heard he’d start acting in movies, I was like, oh huh! But he is excellent! I mean he’s no Benedict Cumberbatch, but he’s really good! He really is someone who can take the heavy load of a movie on his shoulders! Even though the movie had a lot of great actors, but he truly owned it!

This is one movie not to be missed! It’s action packed, touches your heart and really makes you think of how time is very important!

For more information and the trailer, click here.

I wanted to watch The Equalizer today, but sadly couldn’t, so if you watched it, please let us know if it’s good ;)

Till again!

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