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Movie Review: Barfi!

This movie is so much fun! I remember when I first watched it, I was in a bad mood which was changed tremendously by the movie! Actually I don’t know how shall I tell you the story, because even while you watch, you will keep on asking what is going on, and that is what is amazing about this movie!

The story is of Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) the mute and deaf man who was born as Murphy, and his name got changed to Barfi over the years! Barfi meets Shruti (Ileana) at the railway station, and they fall in love, but Shruti is engaged to another man. Later on, Barfi’s Father fall sick, and needs an urgent operation. Barfi tries to collect money, and an idea comes to him: to kidnap Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), the autistic girl of the household his father works for as chauffeur! And there starts another story, when Barfi plans to kidnap Jhilmil, he finds that she is kidnapped already! Barfi finds Jhilmil by accident and goes on with his plan, but it is too late, and the story just starts here!

The movie takes us in and out within the years in three different timings. It is set in the beautiful cities of Darjeeling and Calcutta. Everything is simple yet full of details. I loved how Barfi and Jhilmil played their roles perfectly, that was the fun side of the movie. Barfi is deaf and mute, yet so charming, intelligent and full of tricks. Then comes Shruti the dramatic part, and the police officer, which is the hilarious part of the movie; it would probably remind you of Tom & Jerry and Detective Conan!

You have to pay attention to each and every scene; each detail symbolizes a meaning, and all characters are interconnected with each other. When I watch some movies, it seems that there are some scenes that are okay to miss, but in this movie, there is a new story and an important detail in each and every minute! You will never get bored as you watch! Rather, it is such a mood booster movie with all the interconnected details and enthusiasm, the colorful landscapes of Darjeeling and Calcutta, and all the fun songs, especially that hilarious song of “grgr, brbr, krkr”!

Barfi is a romantic comedy, directed by Anurag Basu, and has won 27 awards.

This is the kind of movie that I would definitely watch over and over again!

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