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Movie Review: 21 Jump Sreet

What can one say about 21 Jump Street? Well what I can say is, first the movie is based on the popular 80’s TV series with the same name staring the young Johnny Depp in the lead role. You can either call the movie an action flick between bonding cops or you can call it a Bromance. I’m going with Bromance. The second thing I’m going to say is that the movie stars Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and there is a cameo by Johnny Depp. 

The movie is about 2 cops going undercover in a high school to find out who’s dealing drugs or slinging dope or whatever you want to call it. Imagine that? Written on paper, it might sound like a bad idea, but as Captain Dickens  (Ice Cube) said it best in the movie “You are here because you look young. You look small. You some Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus lookin …” So there goes the age part, but what about infiltrating the school and finding the dealers? That’s easy! Just make friends with the cool kids since they are the ones that usually buy the drugs. And here is where all fun begins, because they make fun of stereotyping.

I watched a lot of Hollywood movies and they have a formula when it comes to school movies: the quarter back dates the cheerleader captain and if you are good at sports and into fast cars or your dad is rich then you are cool and awesome, but if you like comic books or good at school and you are into studying then you are a geek and a freak.

 21 Jump Street, however, had a different twist. You will see the exchange between the characters from their teenage days to their adulthood days, like Jonah was that geek weird kid and Channing was the cool kid, but when they go undercover you will see that they exchanged roles. I think that what differentiate the movie from other movies and it gave it a successful edge.
Ice Cube on the other is the angry captain who shouts at his lieutenant’s, ‘cause why talk normal to someone when you can shout at them. Right? The dialog between him and Jonah and Channing is amazing and its super funny. I mean you can see the chemistry between the three of them and it fits so perfectly.

You need to put something in perspective here; this was series turned into a movie and that formula doesn’t always work. I can think of Sex and the City who turned into a movie and found success, but only the first one. The sequel didn’t work, so it was a big deal when 21 Jump Street smashed the box office.

There is a sequel coming out 22 Jump Street, so we will see what will happen to the franchise.
Sir Bryan Cranston once said, “You don’t have to be friends with the other actors on set but if you are it will make things go a lot easier and better.” I think this statement applies best on 21 Jump street.
There is a lot to be said about this movie like they make fun of how stuff supposed to explode but does not explode. Look out for those scenes.
For more info on the movie, click here.

P.S: there is a lot of foul language in the movie so when you watch it make sure there are no kids around.

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